Wildlife Friendly Pest Control

A study from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) last year suggested some popular traditional slug and snail deterrents, such as eggshells, do not protect your plants. Here are a few of our favourite wildlife friendly slug and pest controls that will get rid of the nasty pests but be safe for pets, hedgehogs and pollinating insects.

Wool Slug Pellets

Wool slug pellets such as Slug Gone deter slugs by soaking up the slime from their foot - the slugs hate this and will crawl away from the pellet covered plants to find food elsewhere. Simply sprinkle the pellets around your plants in the ground, in pots or in raised beds. Because they are made from sheep wool, these slug pellets are safe for other animals, including pets or curious children! What's more, these natural pellets will biodegrade, releasing nutrients into your soil. 

Copper Slug Repellent

Copper slug repellents, such as copper tape or our copper Slug Shocka mats are humane to use to prevent slug damage - rather than killing slugs or snails it creates a barrier that is painful for them to cross, meaning that once again they will go elsewhere.


Nematodes are a living organism that preys on slugs - they are already in your soil but in numbers too small to deal with the stubborn slug population. Nemaslug boosts the population temporarily, ridding you of the slimy pests! Nematodes die off once they've killed all the slugs, so there's no damage to the eco-balance, and they are completely safe to use around pets, children and other wildlife. 

Encouraging natural predators

In light of the results of their study, the RHS garden experts recommend that you ideally remove slugs and snails by hand, or alternatively encourage natural predators such as birds to your garden. Add next boxes during the late winter/early spring ready for birds to move in during nesting season. Hand bird feeders filled with nutritious seeds to keep them comign back to your garden - they'll do you a favour by munching on slugs and snails when they see them! 

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