What to do in the garden in April

With the Spring Equinox just behind us, now it's time to really start getting excited! Our early sown seedlings have been thriving in their Vitopod heated propagator and have been planted out into their systems - what stage are yours at? Not sure where to start this month? Our Gardening Angels have put together our suggestions for gardening jobs for April.

Prepare beds for vegetables

Dig a good layer (around 5 cm or more) of compost, manure or green waste into the vegetable seed beds to add some nutrients to the soil, then cover the beds with frost fleece or plastic sheeting to keep it dry and warm the soil before planting out. If you haven't got space for a compost heap, a Rollmix Composter or Kitchen Compost Bin will help to start making your own - simply add kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings, tea bags and egg shells to start making your own compost. 

As soon as the soil reaches 6C you can start to sow salad, beetroot and annual herbs, such as dill and rocket- lay fleece directly over freshly sown seed to keep it warm and protect it from birds.

Keep an eye on weeds

Now the weather is getting warmer, you'll need to keep on top of weeding now that the weather is warming up. Removing the worst of the weeds before they get established will save you stress later. Use an effective tool like our weeding fork or twist and pull weeder to tackle those devilish weeds that re-grow if you leave in any of the roots. A borders weed slice or block paving knife will help remove stubborn weeds and moss from block paving, nooks and crannies.

Simply hold the weed in one hand, submerge the prongs around the roots of the plant and twist to remove the offending intruder and its roots.

Trouble with your back or knees? Opt for raised beds or planter

If you've trouble with aching back or knees, or simply prefer to grow flowers in your beds, why not look into having some raised beds to take the bending and kneeling out of growing vegetables. Our larger fabric SmartPot are perfect to use as a fabric raised bed - simply fill it with compost, plant out and off you go! The breathable fabric air prunes roots meaning you'll see healthy growth and great harvests. Try a Click & Drip or Plug & Go system to keep your raised beds perfectly watered through the seasons. You could also try a High Planter, which functions as a raised bed, greenhouse and irrigation system in one!

Set up plant support

If you're planting peas and other tall cropping plants, get your plant support in please - this could be as simple as some twiggy sticks or canes (these work well with our Quadgrow mulch cap and cane support kit). Alternatively you could opt for a growing frame  - there are some beautiful decorative plant supports out there as well.

 Invest in water butts

Invest in some good quality watering butts to take advantage of those April showers and save on your water bill! Position them under a drainpipe to make the most of the rainfall. Come the warmer weather you can connect a Click And Drip irrigation system to your water butt to save yourself the daily watering round.

First harvest of the year

If you've been forcing rhubarb, now's your chance to make it! Don't over pick it too much, and remember to lift the forcer off as soon as you have had your fill to allow the plant access to light, so it may replenish its resources for next year.


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