What to do in the garden in March

What to do in the garden in March - sowing hardy veg, sowing parsnips, planting potatoes and more!

March is the perfect time for pruning shrubs and fruit, taking cuttings of decorative plants and preparing the ground for sowing. If you're looking for what to do in the garden in March, here are some of our Gardening Angel's top tip. Thankfully, the lighter evenings and slightly warmer weather will make those March tasks in the garden or allotment all the more pleasant !

 Gardening Angels Guide to Garden Tasks for March - sow hardy veg in March

Sowing hardy veg outdoors

This month you can start thinking about sowing hardy veg such as spinach outdoors, using cloches or fleeces to keep the chill off them.

You'll need to keep an eye out for pests that will after your veg through the year, such as slugs, snails, aphids and pigeons.

 Gardening Angels Guide to Garden Tasks for March - sow parnsips in March to give them a long growing season

Sow parsnips to give them a long growing season

Parsnips can be difficult to germinate, but they’re well worth the extra effort- you'll need to sow them as soon as the soil begins to warm up - they're particularly slow to germinate so need a long growing season. 

TOP TIP: Cover the ground with horticultural fleece prior to planting to warm up the soil and then for keeping the frost off early crops. Just peg the fleece loosely over your seedlings and they'll push it upwards as they grow. Early sowings will get off to a head start and be protected from pests and any late spring frosts.

Featured product: Frost Protection Fleece (10m x 1.8m) - £11

We think this is the best insulating frost protection fleece available. At 35gsm this garden frost fleece is double the thickness of standard gardening fleece. Perfect for covering plants and wrapping around palms, shrubs and fruit trees, our garden fleece provides highly effective protection against frost, wind, hail, insects and birds, but is also light enough to be placed directly on your plants and trees. Our garden frost fleece is permeable enough to allow air and moisture through to maintain healthy growth.


 Gardening Angels Guide to Garden Tasks for March - plant early potatoes in march

Plant early potatoes

Whether you prefer them boiled, mashed, roasted or as chips, there's nothing better than a good homegrown spud! Plant your earlies in trenches on the plot, or in containers if you have limited growing space! 

Featured Product: Potato Growing Pots - £21.95

This pack of three potato growing pots includes an inner and outer pot - simply lift the inner pot to see your roots and tubers growing and harvest a little at a time! These brilliant pots won Kitchen Garden Magazine's Best Buy in their March edition this year! 


 Gardening Angels Guide to Garden Tasks for March - plant young herbs in march

Get some young herbs

Now the perfect time of year to get yourself some young herbs to grow in containers by your back door or on the kitchen window. Adding herbs to your food are an easy way of adding to and bringing out the flavour of meats, fish, and of course some yummy homegrown vegetables! 

Featured Product: Herbgrow Planter - £28.00

Herbs can be difficult to keep properly watered and incorrect watering affects the taste, not to mention killing-off the plants! This clever planter, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, has FeederMats which pull water up to the soil from the SmartReservoir only when plants need it, so your herbs are always perfectly watered.

Simply add compost and young plants and top up the 8 Litre SmartReservoir. Different herbs can be planted in each of the 4 pots!


;Gardening Angels Guide to Garden Tasks for March - take perennials cuttings in march

Take Cuttings 

March is a great month for taking basal cuttings of perennials, such as delphiniums and lupins, or dahlia tubers. Growing from cuttings and potting on is a great was of getting free plants for your house and garden - no more expensive trips to the garden centre! 

Featured Product: Hydropod Cuttings Propagator - from £60.00

For quick, healthy growth of cuttings, there's nothing better than the Hydropod Cuttings Propagator - this nifty propagators mists cuttings to ensure there's no under or overwatering, and no root rot or fungal infections. It's available to fit 20, 40 or 80 cuttings - pick the size that's best for you. 



 Gardening Angels Guide to Garden Tasks for March - avoid pests - natural slug repellent

Avoid Pests

As the weather begins to warm up, garden pests revel in the warm, damp conditions. Protect your young leafy veg and perennials from slugs with barrier products - protect any friendly garden wildlife by using sheep wool pellets, which slowly biodegrade back into your soil, acting as fertiliser. You can protect pots with copper products, such as tape or Slug Shocka mats. Want to get rid of slugs organically? Try nematodes - a living organism that preys on slugs. They are completely natural, safe to use around pets, children and wildlife, and there are no dead slugs to clean up - Slugs retreat below ground to die.

 Featured Product: Nemaslug - From £12.95

Nemaslug is a nematode, a living organism that preys on slugs. Nemaslug contains 300,000 of these nematodes for every square metre of soil, giving at least 6 weeks control of slugs which is enough time for seedlings and bedding plants to get well established.


Gardening Angels Guide to Garden Tasks for March - attract useful insects to your garden

Provide a home for beneficial bugs

Want to encourage natural pests in your garden? Place bug boxes or piles of twigs and hollow canes in sheltered corners of your garden - these habitats will provide refuge, nesting and over-wintering for lots of different beneficial insects.

Featured Product: Garden Insect House - £25.00 

Provide a home for the most beneficial garden insects with this Garden Insect House and they will reward you by pollinating your plants and preying on pests. The Insect House has several sizes of canes each size provides refuge, nesting and over-wintering for different insects including ladybirds, lacewings and safe solitary bees.



Gardening Angels Guide to Garden Tasks for March - ventilate your greenhouse

Ventilate your Greenhouse

If the weather really warms up near you, with no risk of frosts, it's safe to take down any bubble wrap insulation to ensure that light is getting into your greenhouse effectively. On particularly sunny days, open your greenhouse vents to ensure you don't get too much of a build up of humidity. 

Featured product: Greenhouse Autovent - £34.99

Maintain an even temperature in your greenhouse with this greenhouse auto vent.

Built with durable metal, this auto vent will automatically open and close with temperature changes.

You can even adjust it to open at specific temperatures.


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