Wildlife Gifts

There’s nothing more spectacular than a wildlife-rich garden. With so many benefits, including pest control, wildlife watching and giving a helping hand to nature, eco gardeners will love unwrapping our Gardening Angels hand-picked gardening gifts for wildlife lovers. Choose from a selection of beautifully made gifts, from predator proof hedgehog homes to beautifully crafted butterfly habitats and unusual bird feeders. Fast delivery!

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  • Friendship Birds

    Friendship Birds


  • Original Ladybird Tower

    Original Ladybird Tower


  • Butterfly Barn

    Butterfly Barn


  • Robin Winter Care Pack

    Robin Winter Care Pack


  • Cottage Garden Gift Pack

    Cottage Garden Gift Pack


  • Butterfly & Bee Feeder - Garden Wildlife Habitats & Feeders - £7.90

    Butterfly & Bee Feeder - Best Seller


  • Bat Box Habitat with Double Chamber

    Double Bat Box


7 Item(s)

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