Get The Best From A Cuttings Propagator

There’s nothing more rewarding than growing plants from cuttings. It’s a fun and cost effective way to re-stock your garden with your favourite plants from Fuschias, Aglaonemas to Chrysanthemums and more.

Get The Best From A Cuttings Propagator

Taking Cuttings In A Hydropod Cuttings Propagator

Our Hydropod Cuttings Propagator is cleverly designed to increase your cuttings success rates by misting the base of your cuttings to maintain perfect moisture levels, reducing the risk of drying out, damping off and fungal infections. Watch our video to see how to take cuttings.

1) Cut at a 45° angle with a sharp knife or scalpel just below a leaf node.
2) Remove any flowers and lower leaves.
3) Place your cutting into a sponge disc.
4) Fit the sponge disc into an optional mesh pot and place in cuttings tray.

What Temperature Should My Propagator Be Set To?

Hydropod Cuttings PropagatorConsistent temperatures help cuttings root quicker. Add an optional heater to our Hydropod Cuttings Propagator to ensure the reservoir doesn’t get too cold at night.

Unless the species of plant you are rooting specifically requires high temperatures, 18°C will be sufficient.

How Do I Control Humidity?

Hydropod Cuttings Propagator Vent Humidity ControlJust like our Vitopod and Geopod propagators, humidity can be controlled using the vents in a Hydropod.

These vents can be used for hardening off as the cuttings become more rooted, allowing them to adapt to lower humidity before being potted on.

Do My Cuttings Have Enough Light?

A greenhouse that catches plenty of light is an ideal location, and will decrease the chances of cuttings becoming weak or leggy. The Hydropod’s lid has been cleverly moulded to fit these handy Sunblaster Propagation Lights - perfect if there isn’t enough light.

Should I Use Nutrients?

We’ve enjoyed the best success by simply using tap water. There’s no need to use rooting hormone, as it will be washed off by the misting. Nutrient can be added if desired but never before roots have formed.

When Will My Cuttings Root?

Hydropod Cuttings PropagatorThere is no set time that it takes for a cutting to root. Fuchsias, Petunias and a lot of softwood cuttings are usually ready to pot on after 10-14 days in a Hydropod, but this time can vary significantly due to environmental factors.

The Hydropod Cuttings Propagator is also suitable for semi-ripe and hardwood cuttings. These will take longer than softwood cuttings but it’s quicker than rooting them in soil.

When Are My Cuttings Ready To Pot On?

Hydropod Cuttings Propagator RootsAs soon as your cuttings have got enough roots then they should be potted on. If left for too long they can develop water roots and will not transplant successfully.

Did You Know?
A higher percentage of cuttings will successfully root due to the absence of soil borne pathogens, such as Botrytis, which cause ‘Damping Off’.


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Need Further Help?

If you have any more questions about growing from cuttings or making the most of your Hydropod Cuttings Propagator, please feel free to get in touch with our Gardening Angels on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email at We’re always happy to help!