Grow Bag Watering Kits

Keeping grow bags properly watered, especially when you're on holiday, can be tricky. Our Grow Bag Watering Systems are the answer. Our Click & Drip’ automatic watering kits reduce water waste and reduce the risk of over or under-watering which can cause blossom end rot and poor harvests. Our watering kits also reduce waste because all of the water is delivered to the roots.

When using a watering can as much as 70% - 90% of the water runs off or is lost through evaporation. Grow bag watering systems gives plants the perfect amount of water - not too much and not too little - reducing the risk of wilt and suffocation and they stop you having to worry about parched plants when you're on holiday. 

Keep grow bags perfectly watered with our Growbag Click & Drip Watering kits

Growbag Drip Irrigation vs Hand watering

The Click & Drip growbag watering kit waters plants in grow bags with less waste and less risk of over-watering and under-watering than using a watering can or porous pipe.

When watering plants using a watering can as little as 10% to 30% of the water reaches the roots of the plants. The rest of the water runs off or is lost through evaporation.

The slow drip watering rate of the Click & Drip growbag watering kit (180ml per drip hole per hour from a 100litre water butt) means that the soil has chance to absorb the water rather than it forming puddles and evaporating or running-off. Click here to read more.

Effects Of Plant Overwatering Growbag Plants:

1. Slow-take up - If plants are given a thorough soaking, the water makes the compost or soil especially moist. This means that the roots have little access to oxygen, and can only take-up a fraction of the water that they require.
2. Drain-off - Most of the water has drained away before the roots have good access to air, so they are not able to take-up the amount of water they need for healthy growth.
>3. Suffocation - Overwatering will fill air-gaps in the soil with water, which means that roots will suffocate and rot.Benefits Of A Growbag Click & Drip Plant Watering System

Plants need access to a balance of water and oxygen to maintain healthy growth. The Growbag Click & Drips Slow drip watering gives plants plenty of time to take up water, as and when they need to.

This fuss free kit is easy to control the precise amount of water each plant receives. No over or under watering, which are the main causes of root rot and split fruit.

Due to the perfect balance of plant watering, risk of rot and fungal infections is reduced as only the soil is moistened and leaves are never wet.

The dripper holes in the irrigation pipe only open with internal pressure. Therefore the pipe can be buried under compost, soil or mulch to help retain moisture levels around the roots and to reduce loss of water to evaporation.

Automatic Plant Watering

Choose a Growbag Click & Drip option with an Electric Garden Water Timer and fully automate your plant watering schedule. Our Electric Garden Water Timer Clicks straight on to your water butt tap and then attached directly to your Growbag Click & Drip plant watering kit. This clever garden water timer allows you to control both frequency and watering duration, meaning you can go away on holiday and not worry about coming home to wilted, parched, under watered plants.

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