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By Royal Appointment!

The Gardening Angels met the Duchess of Cornwall at the Edible Garden Show last weekend! She loved our Chilligrow planter, and told Emma she will be getting one for her son! We think the Chilligrow would look great in the gardens at Highgrove House!

Chilligrow Chilli Planter - Royal Approval Greenhouse Sensation Greenhouse

Greenhouse Update

Planting up in the Vivigrow
Flowers have already formed on the Sungold tomatoes planted in a Vivigrow. The flowers will fall off over the next few days, and then in 3 weeks’ time we should have tomatoes developing. We’ll just need some sunshine to ripen them!  

Our Vivigrow tomatoes are already over 1ft tall. The Sungold, San Marzano and Olivade tomato plants in our polytunnel were sown just before Christmas! They will be huge plants with plenty of trusses full of fruit in June! We have trouble counting and weighing the fruit as people love to pop in and pinch a few straight from the plant – that’s when they taste best!

Vivigrow planter Vivigrow planter

We also planted up our Padron, Lemon Drop and Friars Hat chilli plants, which were sown in rockwool during January. Next weeks project is planting up aubergine, courgette, sweet peppers, cucumber and more tomatoes (Tigerella, Costoluto and Fiorentino) in the Quadgrow and our Habanero chillies in the Chilligrow.

Customer Update

FE Hollis sent us this fab photo of broad beans in (and we quote) an "amazing Quadgrow". FE is very adventurous when it comes to tomatoes, and she is trying a Japanese breed of golden cherry type tomato that claims to "out-yield" and "out-flavour" the much loved Sungold! We look forward to an update!

Quadgrow planter Lacewing and ladybird log

The Ladybird and Lacewing Log is paying dividends for Cliff Hyslop – the ladybirds are keeping the aphids, thrips and red spider mite away from his beloved chilli plants!

Win a Duogrow Planter

Competition to celebrate 10,000 Facebook likes! We are giving away a Duogrow Planter to 3 lucky winners!

Duogrow Planter

To enter pop over to the competition on our Facebook page:

- Comment on the competition stating what you would grow in the Duogrow
- ‘Like’ our Facebook page (we’re sure you already have).

We will pick our favourite 3 entries, who will win a Duogrow planter each. Competition closes on 30th April 2014 and the winner will be notified on 1st May 2014.

Why use slow drip watering?

It can be difficult to keep up with a daily watering regime, and when pushed for time it’s tempting to give plants a soaking in the morning to ‘keep them going’ throughout the day, which leads to over-watering. Roots need access to air in order to take-up water, so over-watering has 3 problems - which are easily overcome with our Click & Drip slow drip watering kit.

Slow drip irrigation - click and drip

1: Suffocation - In a grow bag a drenching fills the air-gaps in the soil with water and the roots can suffocate and rot.

2: Slow-take up - Immediately after watering the roots have limited access to air so they are only able to take up a small amount of the water they actually need.

3: Drain-off - By the time the roots have good access to air the majority of water has drained away.

Have a look at our full article on Click & Drip Slow-drip irrigation Vs hand watering.

Edible Garden Show

Our Gardening Angels had a great time at the Edible Garden show, and enjoyed making lots of new friends, as well as catching up with some familiar faces. Thank you to Liz Hopwood (one of our lucky competition winners) for bringing us some biscuits, they sure kept us going during the event.

Edible Garden Show


Our Gardening Angels love to hear from you, so give us a call on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email if you have any questions about anything you are growing. You can also post all your fab photos on our Facebook page - we love to hear how you’re getting on!

The Gardening Angels

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