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Greenhouse Update - Bumper Harvests

Our Gardening Angels have been over taken by our first bumper harvests from our Quadgrow and Vivigrow planters. Fed on Award Winning Nutrigrow Plant Feed, our veggies have been getting all the nutrients & trace elements a plant needs to be strong and healthy.

bumper harvests from quadgrow and vivigrow planters Tomatoes growing in Quadgrow Planter

Too many chillies left from your bumper harvest? We’ll be trying this tasty Chilli Bread Recipe.

Customer Update - 100lb Nutrigrow Eating Pumpkin!

Stuart Holden may break a record & have the biggest Jack O Lantern in his area this autumn. Sown in may & fed on Nutrigrow Plant Feed, this pumpkin is currently 7ft in circumferences and is growing over 5 inches a day.

Nutrigrow fed pumpkin chilligrow chilli planter versus standard pots

Ray Dunnett has been having fun playing spot the difference with his Chilligrow Planter & standard plant pots both planted on the same day. It’s easy to see why our customers love the Chilligrow. Don’t just take our word for it, read our fab reviews.

Free Pack of 2 Root Veg Sacks!

Now is the perfect time to sow your winter veg. Treat yourself to a Potato & Root Veg Planter and receive a free pack of 2 root veg. Made from hessian, these sacks prevent vegetable sweating & storage rot keeping your veg nice and fresh over the winter months.

Quadgrow Root Vegetable Planter Root Vegetable Sacks

Grow 4 varieties of veg in our Potato & Root Veg planter & have your spuds ready for your Christmas dinner. This planter gets the watering right so no more worrying about soggy or rotten veg, and you can move it indoors into a frost free area when the weather turns harsh.


Fruit Tree Picker £11.95

Make light work of harvesting this season with our harvesting tools & essentials from £4.95.

No need for ladders when picking fruit from trees with our 1.5m Fruit Tree picker.

Say goodbye to bruised fruit thanks to the foam cushioned head! An essential for anyone lucky enough to have a fruit tree.


Herb & Chilli Dryer £29.50

Dry your chillies, herbs, seeds, fruit, mushrooms etc on this handy dryer. A great gift for anyone who gardens, or who loves to cook, or both!

Air drying is an ancient effective method of preserving crops, which intensifies flavours and enables you to use your home grown and foraged produce all year round.



Herb and Chilli Dryer

Still Time to Sow

There’s still time to grow some tasty treats. Sow fast growing salads such as lettuce, pak choi, summer radish and salad leaves in your veg patch.

Why not try sowing some winter lettuce in august and September for staggered crops from autumn to spring. 

Quadgrow Root Vegetable Planter salad planters

If you’re growing in our popular Salad & Veg planter, waters your crops for 2 weeks at a time and has a lid for getting seeds off to a head start. Simply sow the seeds directly into the planter, pop the lid on, fill the SmartReservoir and you will typically be ready to be harvested within 6 weeks.

Our Gardening Angels love to hear from you, so give us a call on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email if you have any questions about anything you are growing. You can also post all your fab photos on our Facebook page - we love to hear how you’re getting on!

The Gardening Angels

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