Greenhouse Sensation Newsletter - January 2015

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Update from the Greenhouse
Our first tomato seedlings are already appearing after a week germinating in our award winning Vitopod Propagator, kept at 18°C.
Growing Tomatoes in a Heated Electric Propagator
In 2 weeks’ time, we’ll be pricking out our tomato seedlings and transplanting into individual 3 inch pots. We’re already looking forward to a bumper harvest and are preparing to transplant them into our Quadgrows and Vivigrows in early March.
Tomato seedlings in a heated Vitopod
This year we will be growing 6 varieties of tomato - Country Taste, Cristal, San Marzano, Floridity, Sungold and Indigo Rose.
Customer Update
We're not the only ones who've started growing for 2015! After producing impressive harvests in 2014, Luke B has fired up his Hydropod misting propagator and started growing! 
Luke B's Hydropod
Kelly H's Vitopod
Congratulations to Kelly H, who is also off to a fantastic start with her Vitopod Propagator: we've spotted at least 70 plants growing in her Vitopod! Read our top tips on how you can get the best from your Electric Propagator this season.

How to Make the Most of your Vitopod Heated Propagator
Frost Protection Tips
Plant Frost Fleece Protection

Don’t get caught out – Prepare your plants for the cold snap with our frost protection fleeces.

They protect your plants from cold whilst allowing access to water, air & light for healthy growth.

Palma Electric Greenhouse Heater

If you want to lift the temperature in your greenhouse or polytunnel, our efficient and effective fan heater is ideal. It can be set from 0°C to 40°C. Getting an early start leads to bigger blooms and harvests in the summer.

Get more great tips with our Handy Winter Frost Protection Guide

Our Favourite New Products
Our Gardening Angels have been busy adding new products to our range. We hope you like our new products as much as we do!
Gardener's Journal - Sophie Conran - £14.15
Gardener's Journal - Sophie Conran

This Gardening Journal is at the top of our wish list, an essential tool for keeping our Gardening Angels organised for the 2015 growing season.

Contains over 200 useful A5 pages including: garden calendar, tips for each month, to-do list, weekly planner, weather log, photo diary and a pocket to hold your snippets.
Eco Gardener's Soap - from £7.50
Eco Gardener's Soap
From £7.50

We absolutely love this handy highly-concentrated, gentle eco soap and so do our customers:

“I cleaned virtually the whole house with this product. Used little amount and cleaned so effortlessly.” – R Swift.
Verti-Plant Wall Planters - £9.95
Verti-Plant Wall Planters

Transform fences and walls into growing space with these durable hanging planters.

This pack of 2 Verti-plants has space for 12 plants. Perfect to fill with delightful, welcoming displays, floral arrangements, salads and herbs. 
Don't Forget your Seed Sowing Essentials
Sieve out lumps from compost with our seed sowing sieve, level the compost to remove air gaps with our tamper and save a small fortune and the planet by making your own pots from newspapers with our paper pot makers.
Garden Sieve - £11.95
Plant Pot Makers - from £13.95
Don't forget, our Gardening Angels are here to help you to get the best from your plants, so if you have any questions get in touch by phone on 0845 602 3774, email on or message us on Facebook.
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