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Greenhouse Update - 20cm cucumber in May!

A scorching 27C in the Greenhouse today, but we were greeted by this huge cucumber and blooming marvellous flowers! The cucumber plants have been very happy in the Vivigrow Planter over the last few months, and have grown to around 4ft tall! When they start to get this tall, our Gardening Angels use Roller Hooks to train the stems around a Frame, which makes it easy to harvest fruit and means huge plants don’t take over our greenhouse!

Seed Sowing Tamper Seed sowing sieve


A stripy summer number!

Our Sungold tomatoes have ripened, but we are looking forward to seeing the Tigerella tomatoes turn red! The Tigerella tomatoes have already started to develop stripes and have been thriving in the Solar Quadrow since they were planted up last month after the seeds were sown in January – a bit more sunshine and these should be ready to harvest very soon!

Seed Sowing Tamper Seed sowing sieve


Father’s Day Gifts - Sunday 15th June!

Dads - don’t settle for spotty socks or a comedy cartoon character tie this Father’s Day! Let your children know exactly what you want by forwarding this email to them. You’ll be doing them a favour because everyone knows how tricky it is to get the perfect pressie for their Dad!

Don’t forget your own dad - we are giving you plenty of warning this year, so order before 9:00am on Thursday 12th June to have your fab gifts delivered before Father’s Day on the 15th June.

Plot to Plate Kit - £22.49 - Save over £5!

The perfect kit for the grower that enjoys the fruits of their labour. Grow your own herbs in the 3 elegant metal herb pots on your kitchen windowsill or worktop. This great funnel has a narrow stem to reduce spills and a removable stainless steel strainer for removing any unwanted seeds and pips.

Once you have harvested your fruit and herbs, use the Garden to Kitchen Expert book to find the perfect recipe. There’s over 680 recipes covering every vegetable and fruit - for each crop there are instructions ranging from basic methods of preparation to classic recipes!

Herb Planter

The Plot to Plate kit includes:
- Herb Pots - Sophie Conran
- Kitchen Funnel
- Garden to Kitchen Expert Book

Tomato Gardener Kit - £53.90 - Save over £5!

The 130 page Tomato Book includes recipes contributed by members of the Tomato Growers Club and handy hints and tips on growing and caring for tomatoes as well as cooking with them, which makes it a fab gift for Dads. The organic fertiliser speeds up growth and produces better tasting tomatoes.

Ultimate Tomato Growing Kit - Tomato Planters and Growing Essentials

Never lose the end of your twine again! This stylish enamel tin contains 120metres of twine, which is bio-degradable so can be composted at the end of the season without having to untangle the twine. The Greenhouse Caddy has six compartments and a carry handle, perfect for keeping your string, plant labels, pencils and dibbers together!

The Tomato Gardener kit includes:
- Organic Tomato Fertiliser
- Twine in a Tin
- The Tomato Book
- Greenhouse Caddy

Allotment Grower's Kit - £52.95 - Save over £5!

Keep your veg plants in a straight line with this traditional 20 metre planting line – you’ll have the neatest veg patch on the allotment! This stylish and sturdy Tool & Tuck Tin is an ideal gift for gardeners and is sure to turn heads at the allotment. Spacious and robust with a sliding compartment in the lid for lunch and a larger main compartment for all the other gardening essentials - trowels, seeds, string - there's no need for separate tool and lunch boxes.

Herb Planter

Make light-work of harvesting your spuds with this long-handled tool. The bar across the end of the prongs prevents you from accidently stabbing your potatoes and it is manufactured from stainless steel with a hardwood handle and leather hanging strap. Get your muddy wellies off quickly and easily when you get home from the allotment with our Boot Jack. We wondered how we ever got by without it.

Allotment Grower's Kit
- Planting Line
- Tool & Tuck Tin
- Boot Jack
- Potato Harvesting Scoop

Eco-Gardener Kit - £43.95 - Save over £5!

For those environmentally friendly growers, we have this lovely 96 page hard backed book, which is packed full of handy tips to help you to be an eco-gardener. Includes tips on how to preserve home-grown produce, maintain tools and reduce chemical use. Make your own nutrient rich plant food from nettles or comfrey with this organic plant food maker. Simply fill with leaves, add water and wait for 2 weeks if using nettles and 6 weeks if using comfrey.

Herb Planter

Our biodegradable pots are made from coconut, so once seedlings have outgrown the biodegradeable pot simply place the whole pot into a larger standard pot and the roots will grow through the biodegradeable pot as it disintegrates. These slate-look plant labels are durable, reusable and great looking – and you know exactly which plants you’re growing.

Eco-Gardener Kit
- Eco-Gardener Book
- Plant Food Maker
- 5 x Recycled Plant Labels with Crayon
- 25 x Organic Seedling Pots

Father’s Day Gifts from £15.00 - See all


Keep beer cold with a Chillsner Beer Chiller Provide a home for insects with the insect hotel Grow your Own Vegetables with the Patio Vegetable Growing Kit


Grow your Own Venus Fly Trap Full Leather Apron - Ideal Gift for Gardeners Potting Shed Collection, great gardening gift

Our Gardening Angels love to hear from you, so give us a call on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email if you have any questions about anything you are growing. You can also post all your fab photos on our Facebook page - we love to hear how you’re getting on!

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