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Greenhouse Update – Video Transplanting Our Tomatoes 

This week we transplanted our tomato plants from the Vitopod Propagator into the Vivigrow planter. The Cristal, Kalimba, San Marzano (Emma’s favourite), Sungold, Rosada and Olivade varieties were sown just before Christmas and transferred to the Vivigrow. They are already 50cm tall! Have a look at our transplanting video.

Vitopod Heated Electric Propagator Vivigrow NFT Planter

Tip: When you start to notice pools of condensation on the inside of your Vitopod open the vents of the propagator and remove the lids during the day, to acclimatise the plants to life outside the Vitopod.

The remaining plants in the Vitopod will be popped into Quadgrows, Vivigrows and Duogrows in mid-March – The Gardening Angels will be busy! We love to hear how busy you are in the garden, so please email us photos of your progress or post them on our Facebook page.

Purple Basil – Summer Surprise!

Who said purple and green should never been seen? Our purple Summer Surprise Basil was sown last week, and the seedlings look fantastic beside our green Russian Tarragon!

how to grow basil how to grow tarragon Herbgrow Herb Planter

The basil and tarragon will be thinned out next week, potted into 3 inch pots and finally planted into the Herb Planter at the end of March. Maria will probably sneak the herb planter home to keep on her kitchen windowsill, and her basil will be ready to use for summer picnics and BBQs!

Customer Update

Some fantastic photos from Cliff Hyslop aka Devon Chilliman. His overwintered Gibbering Idiot and 7 Pot chilli plants were grown in a Quadgrow last year, and are now showing signs of new life as he is bringing them out of dormancy. We have a great video about overwintering and bringing plants out of dormancy ready for this season.      

Overwintered Chillies

Stuart Holden is growing Sweet Aperitif for the first time. These are delicious cherry tomatoes with a high sugar content - perfect for salads, or just for snacking! Stuart is also growing Brutus F1 Beef Steak, and these were potted on during the middle of February and are growing well with the help of a propagation light.

Jobs for March

We’ve had some beautiful mornings this week, and don’t want to tempt fate – but we think spring might be on the way! So here are a few things to do in the garden during March!

How to Plant Onions

-   Plant onion sets, shallots and early potatoes.
-   Cut back anything grown for colourful winter stems, such as Dogwood and willow. 
-   Give the greenhouse a good clean, and remove any frost protection during brighter, sunny days.
-   If you’re lucky enough to get a dry day towards the end of March, mow the lawn.

More New Products

Protect tall veg plants up to 167cm with our Horti-Hood covers. The front can be opened and closed for easy access to all plants – leave it open on sunny days, and closed during cold evenings or heavy rain to protect plants. For those of you who live in windy areas you’ll be pleased to hear that they can be mounted on a wall and all of them include pegs, elasticated loops and eyelets around the bottom to secure the cover in place.

Patio greenhouse and dome cloches Patio greenhouse and dome cloches Patio greenhouse and dome cloches

The 90° Horti-Hood can be mounted against a wall or fence to make this extra secure and easier to open. The large 180° Horti-hood can be placed over a raised bed or can be used to create your own mini greenhouse on your garden. Easy to fold away and store.

Out and about…

We are looking forward to seeing all of our friends and making some new friends at the Edible Garden Show from Friday 28th - Sunday 30th March. It would be great to see you there - you could even get your mum the perfect pressie for Mother’s Day while you’re there.

Duogrow at the Edible Garden Show GardenPop instant veg kit for beginners

Our Duogrow planter and GardenPop kits went down very well at the Garden Press Event in February – City Planter Magazine loved the GardenPop kit so much they’ve already written a great article about it – read more!

Our Gardening Angels love to hear from you, so give us a call on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email if you have any questions about anything you are growing. You can also post all your fab photos on our Facebook page - we love to hear how you’re getting on!

Enjoy the Spring!
The Gardening Angels

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