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Stay Hydrated This Autumn

Add a blast of flavour to your water with our Tea & Water Infusers and Fruit Drink Maker & Flasks. It’s just as easy to become dehydrated during autumn & winter, making us more susceptible to colds & flu. Plain water can be dull and the sugar content of dilute squash can be sky high – so add fresh fruit from your bumper harvests to your water for a detoxifying energy boost.

Tea Vodka and Water Infuser Fruit Drink Maker and Flask

These fuss-free infusers and flasks in-one are simple to use and ideal for taking to the allotment or the office to make delicious flavoured hot and cold drinks from home-grown fruit and herbs. Learn how to spot the signs of dehydration.

Tea, Vodka & Water Infuser £22.99
Fruit Drink Maker & Flask £14.99

Gardening Books from £8.00 - See All

Cure harvesting glut despair with The Garden to Kitchen Expert by Dr. D.G. Hessayon. Packed with over 680 recipes, our Gardening Angels never get bored when they harvest a glut from our bumper harvest producing planters!

The Garden to Kitchen Expert The Tomato Book

Tomato lovers will be spoilt for choice with The Tomato Book, combining 130 pages of growing tips with scrumptious tomato recipes written by tomato & chilli expert Matt Simpson of Simpsons Seeds.

The Garden to Kitchen Expert £9.99
The Tomato Book £8.00

5 Kilo Chilli Harvest

It’s easy to see why our customers love the Vivigrow with this massive 5 kilo harvest of Friars Hat & Lemon Drop chillies, it produces 3-4x bigger harvests than growing in soil.

Bumper Vivigrow Chilli Harvest 5 kilos Chilli and Herb Dryer

Make chilli flakes and preserve bumper harvests. Remove the seeds and cut the stems off your chillies. Keep them in a well ventilated area, turning every other day for about 5 weeks. We pop our chillies on a Herb & Chilli Dryer. Once dry, put the chillies in a spice grinder and store in an air-tight container.

Herb & Chilli Dryer £29.50

Crop Ripening Cover £14.99

Cover plants with a Polythene Ripening Cover & speed up the ripening process before the first frosts approach.

Most of us find we have lots of green tomatoes in September because when the temperature drops, ripening slows down considerably. This clever Ripening Cover retains the heat & moisture needed to encourage faster crop ripening leaving you to enjoy masses of ripe fruit and veg!

Crop Ripening Cover Crop Ripening Cover

Top Tip: If you’re growing on cordon (vine) varieties remove the supports and lay the stems on the ground and cover them with cloches. Read our Ripening Guide for more tips.

Harvesting Tools from £9.95 - See All

Use a Berry Picker & scoop up twice as many berries than picking by hand.  We’ve seen huge amounts of autumn berries due to this summer’s warm & wet weather. This Berry Pickers simple bucket & comb design means you can scoop up berries, leaving twigs & foliage (and scratched, sticky arms) behind.

berry picker flower and fruit harvesting scissors

Harvest flowers & fruit with this RHS endorsed Flower & Fruit Snip, with stainless steel pointed blades designed to cut through even tough stems. Ideal for precision harvesting and makes a perfect treat for any gardener.

Top Tip: Don’t forget while harvesting, cut back canes on fruit bushes with Secateurs, tie the new canes to supports to encourage growth & fruit for the next season.

Flower & Fruit Snip £9.95
Berry Picker from £9.95
Secateurs £17.95

Our Gardening Angels love to hear from you, so give us a call on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email if you have any questions about anything you are growing. You can also post all your fab photos on our Facebook page - we love to hear how you’re getting on!

The Gardening Angels

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