Greenhouse Sensation Quiz

Enter our Quiz to be in with a chance of winning a £10 gardening gift voucher!

Simply email us at with the answers by midnight, Sunday 21st December. The winnrer will be announced on Monday 22nd December.

If you get a little stuck, just click on the questions to find hints for the answers!



Q1. How Large is the Chilligrow’s SmartReservoir?

A. 2 litres

B. 5 litres

C. 7 litres



Q2. What was the first product Greenhouse Sensation ever produced?

A. Duogrow

B: Vivigrow

C: Vitopod Heated Propagator

D: Hydropod Cuttings Propagator



Q3. With a Vivigrow Planter, what do plants grow in?

A: Super-aerated water

B: Wet Soil

C: HydroCoco

D: Sand


Q4. Which of these items can be cleaned with Eco Soap

A: Worktops & Surfaces

B: Leather

C: Dogs & Horses

D: All of the Above


Q5. With the Tropical Planter, how many times a day may your plants be watered

A: Once

B: 15 times

C: 30 times


Q6. Which Greenhouse Sensation Product was Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, looking to buy for her son?

A: Vitopod

B: Chilligrow

C: Solar Quadgrow

D: Dibber


Q7. How long did it take Gardening Angel Alex to make a pot using the paper potter?

A: 10 seconds

B: 60 seconds

C: 2 hours


Q8. How many slugs can a hedgehog eat in a single night?

A: 20

B: 50

C: 80


Q9. When making plant food with an Organic Plant Food Maker, how long does it take to make food from nettles?

A: 2 weeks

B: 4 weeks

C: 6 weeks


Q10. Which of these tasks can the Vitopod Heated Propagator not do

A: Hardening Off

B: Overwintering

C: Frost Protection

D: Ride a Horse