Our Top 5 Greenhouse Temperature Control Picks

Hot weather is coming!

Control the temperature in your greenhouse this summer with our Top 5  Picks For Greenhouse Temperature Control...

Greenhouse Fan:

This powerful 2kw summer and winter mode fan and heater will to help you control greenhouse temperatures all year round!

Greenhouse fan and heater

Greenhouse Auto Vent:

This excellent greenhouse autovent automatically opens and closes with temperature changes, which can be set by you, to keep your greenhouse at an optimum temperature 24 hours a day.

Greenhouse Vent


Greenhouse Shading Paint:

Simply paint the shading onto the outside of your greenhouse glass surface with a brush or sprayer to prevent your greenhouse from over-heating. It wipes off easily with a duster and helps to protect from scorching too.

Greenhouse Shading


Thermometer & Hygrometer:

This durable thermometer and hygrometer monitors and records minimum and maximum temperature and humidity levels in your greenhouse. This allows you to accurately understand your greenhouses current environment and take appropriate steps to adjust / maintain it.

Greenhouse Thermometer and Hygrometer


Greenhouse Shading Net:

This easy to use mesh greenhouse shading will help to prevent overheating and scorching with minimal time and effort. A brilliant quick fix on a hot day!

Greenhouse Shading