Growing Herbs FAQ

Can you grow herbs outside?

Many of the common herbs originate from Mediterranean countries and grow in a wide range of habitats from coastal to mountain regions. Most will grow very happily in a UK climate as woody perennials, others such as basil should be grown indoors or treated as an annual.

Are Herbs Frost Hardy?

Herb growing planter

Most woody herbs will tolerate a UK winter although softer herbs such as basil or dill should be treated as a tender annual.

The biggest problem facing herbs during winter months is over watering, as they will not tolerate waterlogged soil.

Can you grow herbs on a windowsill?

Herbs are perfect for growing on a windowsill as their water requirements are much less than many other plants. They will need a certain amount of heat and light so a south facing window is perfect. The biggest problem you may face is not watering enough.

How often should you water herbs?

Many herbs come from hot or dry climates so these varieties have evolved to tolerate periods of drought

Can you grow herbs from seed?

Most herbs can be grown successfully from seed however certain species, such as rosemary, have a very low seed viability rate, these are better propagated from cuttings rather than seed.

When should I grow herbs?

Depending on where they are grown, herbs can be grown at any time of the year. If you would like to grow your herbs outside then you should be planting them out in spring once the frosts have finished and the ground has started to warm up. This would mean the earliest you could sow your seeds would be early spring, around March-April.

What size pot should I use for growing herbs?

Herbs will continue to grow until the root ball has filled the pot, 6 litre pots are ideal for growing on a windowsill.

What is the easiest herb to grow?

All herbs are relatively easy to grow as they will tolerate a certain amount of abuse, they are the perfect plant to grow on a sunny windowsill.

Can I grow herbs indoors?

Because of their drought tolerance, many herb varieties are well suited to indoor growing provided they are provided with enough light.

If you're looking for any more help growing your herbs, take a look at our full herb growing guide. If you have any more queries, feel free to email our Gardening Angels at We're always happy to hear from you!