Growing In Our Greenhouse Videos

Harvesting Joe’s Long chillies growing in our Vivigrow soil-less planter

Snipping away the day harvesting Joe's Long chillies from our Vivigrow soil-less planter. And yes, he meant to say 'Greenhouse' not 'poly tunnel.

First harvest of chillies from our Vivigrow soil-less planter

Our first Joe's Long chilli harvest from our Vivigrow soil-less planter.

Growing Kiwi Fruit & Tomatoes - Growing Diary

It’s been another busy week in our greenhouse as all of our plants continue to excel in their planters. We’ve spotted our first tomato of the year, there’s dozens of flowers sprouting all over the greenhouse and our Kiwifruit has been growing spectacularly. Our Sungold tomato growing in the Vivigrow Planter is the first of the year to start fruiting. These are usually one of the first plants to fruit, with Sungold producing very high yields of sweet delicious tomatoes: it’s a shame that these two are still just a little too small to eat!

Greenhouse Update: 246cm Tomato Plant & incredible potatoes!

It’s been two weeks since our last greenhouse update and there has been some incredible progress! There’s no stopping our tomatoes, chillies and potatoes which have all experienced incredible growth, plus there’s even more baby babacos and the Kiwifruit continues to climb.

Growing Tomatoes & Exotic Edibles - Growing Diary

The plants in our Lancashire greenhouse have been thriving thanks to the sunniest April on record. Our tomato and chilli plants have experienced incredible growth and started producing plenty of fruit and flowers. Visit our blog and learn more about our growing progress.

Roller Hook Support

Watch our Gardening Angel James using our roller hooks to support our plants, keeping them on the straight and narrow.

How to use Soft-Tie

Watch our Gardening Emma showing how to use Soft-Tie - a soft, strong and super flexible plant tie that securely, but tenderly secures and supports your plants.