Growing Tomatoes in Grow Bags - Top Tips

growing tomatoes in growbags

Relying the on the same old boring supermarket tomatoes is boring - we love eating homegrown tomatoes fresh off the vine! If you're growing tomatoes in grow bags, here are our top tips to grow your own super tomato harvest! 

Protect tomato plants from slugs and damage! 

Being low to the ground, grow bags are prone to accidental damage, as well as those pesky slugs finding it very easy to climb up them. Place your grow bag in a grow bag tray with a cloche to help keep your young tomato plants protected from the elements as well as pests. The tray prevents spillage and compost leaks and aids drainage, thanks to the slim ridges in the base of the tray, with the added height acting as an obstacle for slugs. Adding some slug tape to the rim will help see them off.

cloche tunnel

Don't crowd your tomato plants

Try not plant more than three tomato plants per grow bag - if you can, plant just two and add a companion plant such as Marigolds - the genus Tagetes is well known for its qualities to repel garden pests that might be after your tomatoes -they produce a substance called alpha-terthienyl, which helps reduce root-knot nematodes in the soil, as well as other disease promoting organisms, such as fungi, bacteria, insects, and some viruses

Feed your tomatoes correctly!

Much like us, plants need regular feeding with the right nutrient for optimum health. Grow bags only hold a limited volume of compost, so when the plants have used up all these nutrients they'll need a top up. Give them a weekly dose of a diluted tomato or all purpose vegetable feed - we love the results we get from feeding tomatoes with our Nutrigrow Tomato Feed - it contains a special blend of potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium plus micro-nutrients and trace elements that ensures your tomatoes receive everything they need for optimal health. Your tomato plants will develop a larger root system, stronger stems, more fruiting sites and a bigger crop! 

Nutrigrow Plant Food

Water your tomatoes correctly!

Watering tomatoes can be a pain, especially in hot summers. So many gardeners worry about how often to water tomatoes, how much to water tomatoes, and what to do if they've watered tomatoes incorrectly! For the best results, tomatoes need watering little and often. We recommend using a grow bag watering kit like our Click & Drip For Grow Bags. This grow bag watering system keeps 3 grow bags watered, and can be extended to water more. 

The Click & Drip releases water slowly which prevents the soil becoming too wet - the roots won't suffocate and water won't evaporate or run-off to waste, meaning you won't overwater your tomatoes or underwater your tomatoes! Erratic watering of your tomatoes can lead to problems like blossom end rot.

Want even better harvests? Upgrade to a Self Watering Tomato Planter!

Ok this is a bit of a cheat, but if you're growing tomatoes in a grow bag because of limited space, the Quadgrow is perfect for getting a much bigger harvest than grow bags, plus it keeps your tomatoes watered for you! Find out more about upgrading to a Quadgrow self watering planter here >> 

Reuse that grow bag!

We love a bit of recycling - at the end of the season, once you've removed your tomato plants, you could use the compost left in the grow bag to grow an autumn crop of salads, lettuces, spinach or rocket. There won't be much left in the way of nutrients, but you can also use what remains of the old compost as a mulch or soil conditioner. 

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