Tomato update: Voyage tomatoes in a Vivigrow Planter

Voyage tomato in Vivigrow Hydroponic PlanterOur Gardening Angels are growing an unusual variety of tomatoes called ‘Voyage’ in a Vivigrow planter this season. We sowed the seeds in mid-February and planted up in the Vivigrow during the middle of March. This variety has a slightly different genetic make-up than standard tomatoes, and some quirky characteristics when growing.

The stems are what we call fasciated, which is caused by a genetic mutation in the growing tip. It is rare to see a fasciated stem develop in tomatoes, however this variety of tomato does typically grow in this way. The fruit also grows in an amazing way! The flowers on the ‘Voyage’ variety develop into tight clusters, the fruit then fuses together to form one large fruit (which are delicious) where smaller fruits can be picked off.

The Voyage Variety

The ‘Voyage’ or ‘Journey’ originates from Central America and is classified as an heirloom variety. The cluster of smaller fruit are fused together to make what appears to be one huge tomato. The smaller fruits can be individually picked away from the main fruit, which is how people enjoyed the tomatoes during long journeys or voyages. This mutation is a quirk of plants and doesn’t affect how tasty your tomatoes are, if anything they tend to produce more flowers than standard plants.

Voyage tomato in Vivigrow Hydroponic Planter