Growing Your Own Garlic

Garlic has some amazing health benefits from lowering blood pressure, fighting infections and lowering cholesterol as well as fighting Halloween vampires. Garlic is easy to grow even if you have a small growing space so you can grow directly in the ground or in one of our Self-Watering Planters.

Grow garlic in a warm, sunny spot, in fertile, well-drained soil that doesn’t get too wet in winter. Plant garlic cloves in autumn or early spring, planting individual cloves 18cm apart at twice their own depth. Keep the area weed free, water when dry and harvest from July onwards.

Try growing a few varieties perfect for autumn/winter such as Germidour - a purple streaked variety with a mild flavour or Red Duke – hard neck variety with strong flavour with purple tinged bulbs. When you’re ready to plant, simply split your garlic bulbs into cloves and then plant with the flat bottom part of the clove downwards.

Garlic Bulbs

Garlic is super easy to grow and requires little maintenance. However keep an eye on watering if the weather turns dry – You can use a Soil Moisture Meter to ensure your plants are receiving the right amount of water. Watch out for weeds – remove regularly to ensure your garlic isn’t fighting with weeds for valuable water.

Although garlic grows happily in cold temperatures, keep an eye on your gardening thermometer. If temperature drop below -5C then cover with a plant protection fleece or close until temperature rise again.

Your garlic will be ready for harvesting when the leaves start to turn yellow and start to bend over. Be careful not to leave your bulbs too long as they will split. Simply use a hand fork to loosen the soil around the roots before lifting and then place on a tray to dry out.

Leek Moth

Top Tip - Watch out for Leek Moth
The caterpillars of this moth feed on your plants leaves which can lead to rotting. Cover garlic plants with an insect mesh and clear debris from around the plant which adult moths can hide in over winter.

Plant Garlic - indoors or outdoors

1. Break garlic bulbs into individual cloves taking care not to damage the cloves.

2. If you live in a mild area plant the cloves in soil that has been under fleece or a cloche for a few days. Plant the cloves 10cm apart pushing the cloves into the soil so their tips are just below the surface. Cover with cloches or fleece tunnels in frosty weather.

3. In cold areas or for earlier harvests plant the garlic cloves in seed trays. Water well and place the seed trays in a cool greenhouse, cool spare room or outdoor cold frame. They will be ready to plant outdoors in March or April.

Keep garlic well watered during dry weather so that the cloves swell.