Greenhouse Sensation products have featured in BBC Gardener's World, The Guardian, BBC Olive, Garden News, Garden Answers, Grow Your Own, Kitchen Garden, BBC Good Food, Homes and Gardens, London Evening Standard, BBC Radio Lancashire, UKTV Food and more...

Lots of magazines have said lovely things about us. Here are some of the features.

Vitopod Reviews

Grow Your Own, January 2011 - The basic design is great for beginners, keen gardeners can create their own mini-greenhouse with additional layers and a larger base. Rated best for expert growers

Greenhouse Diaries 21 March 2010 - The best one you can buy is the Vitopod from Greenhouse Sensation, its one of the most accurate and best looking


BBC Gardeners World Feb 2010 - The Vitopod is simply the best heated propagator on the market

Kitchen Garden December 2009 - The Vitopod is one of our favourite heated propagators

BBC Gardens Illustrated Dec 08 - they thought our Vitopod made a great Christmas gift.

Grow Your Own Review Feb 07 - they wrote a lovely review of the Vitopod but they did get the name wrong.

Gardening Which Feb 07 - they tested the Vitopod and declared in the review "At last a big propagator that isn't ugly!". They also liked the accurate temperature control and good ventilation.

Saga magazine Feb 07 - they reported that the Vitopod is practical and good looking. They wrote that it is so attractive that even non-gardening family members won't mind you using it indoors.

Gardeners' World Feb 07 - they rated the Vitopod as the 'Best Buy Propagator'. We are delighted that our product came out top in their tests. The Gardeners' World team loved the large humidity vents, temperature control and the fact that it's made so well.

This is Lancashire Jan 07 - they featured news that the Vitopod raised the profile of the Mawdesley village.

London Evening Standard Jan 07 - They found the Vitopod so useful and stylish that they suggested it makes a fabulous coffee-table curiosity.

House & Garden Feb 07 - The good looks of the Vitopod led stylish homes magazine House & Garden to feature the product in their Feb 2007 issue.

Kitchen Garden Jan 07 - The vitopod Propagator grows with your plants

Vitopod Christmas Gift Idea - Grow your own magazine reported that the Vitopod makes a great Christmas gift idea.

Grow Your Own Magazine Nov 06 - featured our Vitopod.

Kitchen Garden Dec 06 - here's what they had to say.



Grow it -Spring 2011 - "The Quadgrow from Greenhouse keeps plants fed and watered at all times."

Kitchen Garden March 2011 -"There are definitely no disappointing harvests."

UK Home Ideas July 2010 - "The Quadgrow keeps plants perfectly watered for two weeks at a time, banishing overwatering, underwatering and holiday plant care rotas - forever."

UK Home Ideas Feb 2010 - "Helps Gardeners develop greener fingers'"

Kitchen Garden Sep 09 - they think it's ideal for people with only a balcony to grow their own.


Hydropod Propagator

Church Times June 2012I am genuinely impressed with the results of the hydropod


Click & Drip

Kitchen Garden Magazine April 2011 - they found keeping veg plots watered just got a whole lot easier...