Help Declining Bat Populations

Bats – Don’t Believe The Tales

Did you know?
Over 500 plant species rely on bats to pollinate their flowers including cocoa, banana and mango. So give bats a big thank you next time you’re sipping on a mango smoothie!

UK Bats won’t suck your blood but they will definitely take care of blood sucking mosquitoes.

Bats are essential pollinators of flowers, they spread seeds and play a big part in stopping insect populations from getting out of control. Even bat droppings (Guano) make a rich natural fertiliser. Our planet would be a truly different place without bats.

Give A Bat A Home

Bat Box Hibernation Wildlife GardenYou can help declining bat populations by providing them with a warm home which remains at a constant temperature throughout winter. Sadly over recent decade’s British bat populations have declined considerably as a result of habitat loss and human disturbance.

Bats may roost in trees, caves, churches, bridges, tunnels and even our own homes! They prefer dark, quiet places where they won't be disturbed.

Place your Bat Box on a wall or tree between 2.5m to 5m off the ground. Make sure to face your box in a direction that will receive partial sun during the day, but avoid direct sunlight.

Don’t forget Bats have a keen sense of smell and will be deterred from using a Bat Box if it is treated in any way, so natural timber is best.

Attracting Bats To Your Garden

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Read our handy Wildlife Guide that has everything you need to make your garden a wildlife haven.

They will generally find their own shelter, however by planting a few night scented flowers (for example, Evening Primrose, Four O'clocks or French Marigolds) and adding a Bat Box to a tree trunk or wall of a building, they’ll soon repay you by feeding on troublesome pests.

Bats feed on insects, so why not introduce a few plants to your garden which will attract moths and other night flying insects for bats to feed on.

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