Help Our Bees This Winter

Bees will be preparing for winter throughout October. Ensure bees have a steady supply of food, water and a warm home with our gardening angels top tips.

Top Tips For A Bee Friendly Garden

Log Bee House - Winter Bee Home

1) Rent Free Bee Home: Bee’s very much like people need a dry, warm home. Build a log pile and loosely fill the spaces with twigs, leaves and moss. It’s a great way to give bees shelter from the rain and makes a perfect nesting site. If you’re short on time why not treat visiting bees to a luxurious bee house.
2) Grow Your Own Bee Food: Grow some late flowering nectar rich plants such as Salvias, Asters and Japanese Anemones. It’s the perfect way to help bees survive the winter through to spring, whilst brightening up your garden. You can even mix 2 teaspoons of water and place into a feeder tray to give them a pick me up.
3) Quench Their Thirst: Bee’s get thirsty too. Add a shallow bowl of water with a few pebbles in the middle and give bees access to fresh water and a place to rest in between jobs.

Interesting Facts About Bees

Save Our Bees This Winter

1) 20 Species of bees in Britain have already become extinct and a quarter of remaining UK Bee species are on the red list of threatened species.
2) Bee pollinated crops are important sources of vitamins A and C, and minerals like calcium.
3) Bees love to gather nectar and pollen from wildflower meadows, but they are slowly disappearing and so are the places they used to nest.

Helping Bees This Winter

4) If pollinating bees disappeared, the price of many fruits and vegetables would increase: the price of British apples alone could double! It would cost an estimated £1.8 billion per year to replace the pollination done by bees with pollinating by hand.
5) We need bees too. They don’t just make our gardens, parks and the countryside looking pretty & vibrant, they also help to pollinate about 75% of our main food crops, including our home grown and shop bought fruit and veg such as tomatoes, strawberries and more.

So it goes without saying, we need to save the bees! If you are looking for the right Bee Attracting Essentials for your garden, or have any other general gardening questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Gardening Angels on 0845 602 3771 or drop us an email on We're always happy to help.