Holiday Proof Planters

Quadgrow Holiday-Proof Planter - Keeps Plants Watered While You're Away

Harvests are 2x bigger when grown in a Quadgrow planter compared with growbags or pots. This is because the Quadgrow maintains perfect moisture levels for up to 14 days at a time. In a Quadgrow the soil is never too dry or waterlogged. The roots also have better access to oxygen which fuels faster growth.

Duogrow - Why Buy Me?

Say goodbye to holiday watering disasters with the Duogrow Holiday Proof Planter. It will keep your plants perfectly fed and watered for up to 2 weeks at a time.

Duogrow Holiday Proof Planter First Cristal Tomato Harvest

Our Cristal Tomatoes have come a long way in our Duogrow Self-watering planter. Our Gardening Angels have just had our first harvest and can't wait for much more.

Holiday Proof Planters

Stuck on the best planter for you? Whether your growing herbs, chillies, tomatoes or potatoes we have it all covered with these self-watering planters.

Holiday Proof Your Veg - Quadgrow Planter With 14 Day Reservoir

Our Quadgrow self-watering planter is a great alternative to growing vegetables in pots and growbags and is the perfect way to grow your own tomatoes.