Home-grown Christmas Potatoes

How to grow potato

Home-grown roast potatoes can’t be beaten and we’ve grown 4 varieties this autumn.  We planted them in August and harvested them in late November and have gradually been using them up. We have kept some back for Christmas day, storing them in a tray covered with dry compost.

We chose 4 varieties - maris peer, nicola, pentland javelin and charlotte potatoes and planted them in a Potato and Root Veg Planter. 2 seed potatoes were planted in each pot and covered with compost. As the foliage grew we gradually added compost until the level of compost reached the top of the pot.

Towards the end of November the foliage began to turn yellow and die back which signalled that the potatoes were fully grown and ready to harvest. Take a look at this video of the potatoes being harvested.

There are many claims about how to make the perfect roast potato: goose fat v olive oil, peeled v scraped, forked v bashed around the pan. However you prepare your roast potatoes – enjoy them! If you missed out on home-grown spuds this winter, pop a note in your diary for August next year!

Did you know?
Potatoes grown for Christmas are in fact early seed potatoes which have been kept in cold storage for sale in the autumn. They take on average 12 weeks from planting to harvesting.