Hot Weather Garden Care

Beating the heat can be a real challenge, and thirsty work for gardeners. Read our Gardening Angels’ top tips and keep your garden lush and hydrated as temperatures rise, leaving you to enjoy an ice lolly or two!

Hot Weather Summer Garden Care

Smart Watering Tips

• Water In The Early Morning Or Evening

Temperatures will be cooler and there’s more shade, giving plants more chance to absorb water before it evaporates.

• Re-Use Your Water

If you’re facing a particularly dry summer, installing a water butt will allow you to make use of valuable collected rain water. You could even use a bath water siphon to provide your garden with recycled water. Not only is this eco-friendly, but it will save a few pennies on your water bill too!

• Holiday-Proof Your Plants

If you’re growing in a Duogrow or Quadgrow Planter then you’re plants can enjoy up to 14 days perfect watering. However if you're jetting off for an extended holiday, why not connect your Greenhouse Sensation planter to a holiday watering kit? It keeps your plants perfectly fed and watered for even longer periods.

If you’re going away and your plants are in standard pots, reduce moisture loss by moving pots to a shaded area of your garden use a pot carrying belt.

• Automate Your Watering

Connect a Click & Drip Irrigation kit to your mains or waterbutt tap and save yourself traipsing up and down your garden with a heavy watering can.

Click & Drip Watering Kit Irrigation Summer Hot WeatherClick & Drip Watering Kit Irrigation Summer Hot Weather

Water is released slowly and evenly from the drip irrigation pipe, which reduces the formation of puddles from which water would evaporate. Perfect for keeping your borders and bed watered without wasting a drop. Add an Electric Garden Watering Timer and control your plant watering frequency and duration.

Top Tip - Harvest Regularly
Ripe fruits can consume a lot of water. Picking them regularly will help younger fruits get as much of the available water as possible.


Use A Thermometer & Hygrometer

Collecting valuable data will allow you to plan watering, shading and ventilation. High levels of humidity can be detrimental to a plant’s health by encouraging the build-up of fungal plant disease. By monitoring and tracking the humidity with a Thermometer & Hygrometer, you can ensure appropriate and timely ventilation is in place to encourage healthy growth.

Thermometer Hygrometer Summer Garden Care Hot Weather Humidity

If things are getting too hot in your greenhouse, allowing a cool breeze in via doors, windows or vents, is an easy way to moderate temperatures.

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

Adding mulch to the base of your plants will help regulate soil temperature and help plants soak up more moisture from watering. It will also help prevent weeds from growing, which can deprive plants of nutrients and moisture. A great bonus!

Biodegradable mulches, such as leaf mould, garden compost or wood chippings, will break down gradually to release nutrients into the soil and help improve its structure.

Top Tip - Mulch Mats
Mulch mats can be added to plants in soil or containers, and are quick and easy to put in place. They offer the same protection and moisture retention as biodegradable mulch, and will even deter pesky slugs from munching on your crops.


Avoiding Scorch Damage

Avoid scorching by moving potted plants into more shaded areas of your garden. Plants can struggle to absorb water if exposed to high temperatures. This can lead to scorching of leaves, resulting in brown patches (especially on the tips of leaves).

Greenhouse Shading Hot Weather Sun Summer Garden Care

Adding Greenhouse Shading to your greenhouse windows will help protect plants from intense sunlight or if using a propagator covering the top with newspaper can make a huge difference.

If you’re concerned about your tasty crops in raised beds or on your plot, a growing tunnel can provide them with shade. They are made from a specifically designed material that provides shading from strong sunlight and reduces the risk of drought by conserving moisture. They also protect your crops from cheeky birds, insects and other pests.

Top Tip - Shade Young Plants
Shade freshly planted vegetable and flower seedlings for a week or two, as they are likely to need a bit of sun hardening.


Keep Yourself Hydrated!

Its all too easy to get carried away in the garden and miss a sip or two of water when you’re busy gardening. Water makes up 45-75% of our body weight  and we need to drink around 1.5-2L of water each day to function properly. Staying hydrated will help us to keep fatigue, headaches, dry skin and sniffles at bay.

Fruit Drink Infuser Summer Hot Weather Garden

Warmer weather increases the rate at which we lose water, so look out for symptoms of dehydration while you’re gardening. Stay topped up and make your own fruit juice with a fruit drinks infuser if you feel light headed or your lips start to dry out.

Don't Forget The Birds
Birds and other wildlife will also be thirstier in summer so leave out a dish of water to encourage more visits.


Water Saving Top Tips

Read our top tips and save water during a dry summer.