Top 5 Hot Weather Problem Solvers For Gardeners

While we all love nothing more than a sunny afternoon spent in the garden, we know that the hot weather can cause plants and gardeners alike a variety of problems.

From scorched plants to over heating greenhouses and more, our Gardening Angels have got you covered with our Top 5 Hot Weather Problem Solvers...

Greenhouse Shading

This Greenhouse Shading paints easily onto the side of your greenhouse and prevents over-heating. 

It is rain proof but can be remmoved with a duster.

Greenhouse Shading

Evolution Plant Health Boosting Tonic

The Gardening Angels love this handy Plant Health Boosting Tonic when the temperature starts to rise...  It quickly and effectively helps plants to recover from drought, pest attacks, over-watering and over-heating!

Evolution Health Boosting Tonic

Auto Vent

This Greenhouse Auto Vent is sure to help you maintain an even temperature in your greenhouse.

It automatically opens and closes with temperature changes which you can set.

Greenhouse ventilation

Anti-Mildew Treatment

Essence is a brew of friendly bacteria which prevents and cures botrytis, mildew and other leaf diseases.

The friendly bacteria out-compete the leaf diseases and colonise the surface of the plant so there’s no room for new leaf diseases to take up residency!

Anti-Disease Kit

Watering Kit With Timer

Holiday proof your plants with our timed Click & Drip Plant Watering Systems!

 Timed garden watering system