How To Choose A Frost Fleece

With the inevitable winter frost fast approaching, you may be wondering how to protect your plants from frost. Here’s our top tips for choosing the right plant frost fleece and ensuring your plants don’t fall victim to damaging frosts!Garden Frost Protection Winter

Choosing The Right Plant Frost Fleece

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A horticultural fleece will help protect your plants and crops from pests. It will also provide protection from sun scorching in hot summers.

Gardening Fleeces come in all shapes and sizes and their thickness is measured in GSM (Grams per Square Meter). The thicker the garden fleece, the more protection it will offer against low temperatures, high winds and harsh winter weather. The right plant fleece will protect your plants while still allowing air, water and light to reach the plant for healthy growth. A good quality plant protection fleece is also durable, so it will continue to be reusable for many years.

Root Veg Frost Fleece ProtectionA Gardening Frost Fleece can be draped over your plants and secured using fabric pegs to provide instant weather and pest protection. You can also get a bit creative and wrap it around plants and trees that may be of a unique shape! For example, plants that will struggle in winter (nectarine and fig trees) can be protected by wrapping fleece around the crown of the tree and tying in place with rope. Wrapping the fleece in this way will trap air around the crown which is warmed through the day by the sun.

Protecting Plants In Pots

Did You Know?
You can water your plants through a horticultural fleece. No need to remove them!

Protect potted plants from freezing roots with an easy to use Plant Protection Cover. These plant covers for winter come with handy draw-strings allowing you to easily secure them around pot bases or tree trunks, helping to trap in warmer air. Larger sizes use a zip so you can open the cover to accommodate bigger plants. Even hardy plants will benefit from these extra strong plant fleece protection covers.

Plant Frost Protection Fleece Winter

It's not just leaves that need protection, as roots are vulnerable too. Freezing soil can stop the uptake of water and nutrients to the plant. A hard frost can also cause terracotta or ceramic pots to crack and break up.

Like plant frost covers, these Thermo Plant Pot Covers use a draw-string to secure them in place. They're well-insulated, have a sturdy base and open wide to make it easy to slide heavy pots into. They also have good drainage so plants are not sat in freezing water. 

Frost Protection For Veg Plots & Raised Beds

DIY Top Tip
Bubble wrap or hessian can be used as a homemade frost protection fleece. Simply secure it around plants and pots with string or twine.

If you're growing vegetables on your plot, then a 3 Metre Fleece Tunnel is perfect winter protection for plants, protecting them from harsh weather, as well as pests, birds and diseases. They are simple to construct and robust with rust resistant galvanised steel hoops and U.V. stabilised fleece, which is also light enough to allow plant growth. Fleece tunnels come with draw-string ends for added protection or ventilation, the latter of which can prevent disease. Available in 30cm or 45cm height, they are perfect for allotments and raised beds.

Why You Should Protect Your Plants From Frost

Frost causes the water in plant cells to freeze, which damages the cell walls. The effects of frost can be even worse when plants face the morning sun as this causes them to defrost quickly, rupturing their cell walls.

Garden Frost Fleece Protection CoverA number of factors can impact the degree of frost damage to plants, for example, the length of time below freezing, how quickly the temperature falls, and how low the temperature falls.

When plants are damaged by frost they look limp and blackened. Evergreen plants will turn brown and the leaves of tender plants may appear translucent. Even hardy plants and tough evergreens can be damaged by prolonged severe cold when soil becomes frozen. This is because the roots are unable to take up water and the plants die from lack of moisture.

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You can water your plants through a horticultural fleece.