How to get the Best from a Heated Propagator

To get the best from a Electric Heated Propagator follow our top tips.

Get the Best from your Vitopod Heated Propagator

1. Sow your seeds with care, use clean pots and trays, cover the seeds with the right depth of compost which should not contain any large clumps, and levelling out the compost so that each seed is in contact with the compost without the presence of air pockets. A pot tamper, dibber and sieve are all useful propagation tools.

2. Don’t overwork your heated propagator unnecessarily, try not to place your propagator in a draught and don’t be tempted to open the lid too often.

3. Make use of the vents in a propagator. Open the vents gradually to reduce condensation.

4. The most risky part of propagation is transferring seedlings from small pots and trays to larger seedling pots. Handle the seedlings by their leaves not their stems and take care not to damage the roots. Using compost pellet and ‘hairy’ pots that can be transferred straight to a larger pot are idea.

5. Water the seedlings in your propagator but not too much. Only water when the compost is dry, use a small seedling watering can so that you don’t damage the seedlings with large drops of water, and make sure you pour away any water that collects in the bottom of the propagator.

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