Harvesting Joe’s Long chillies growing in our Vivigrow soil-less planter

Snipping away the day harvesting Joe's Long chillies from our Vivigrow soil-less planter. And yes, he meant to say 'Greenhouse' not 'poly tunnel.

First harvest of chillies from our Vivigrow soil-less planter

Our first Joe's Long chilli harvest from our Vivigrow soil-less planter.

12 Padron Pepper Harvests In Just 6 Weeks!

It must've been a Quadgrow... ;) Alan Lord planted just 1 Padron Pepper plant into a Quadgrow planter and has enjoyed 12 harvests in just 6 weeks!! Watch our quick video to see his bumper harvests, or follow the link below to learn more about our super self watering planter...

Harvesting Chilli Seeds - Vezena Piperka

Our Gardening Angel James has been excitedly harvesting chilli seeds from this Vezena Piperka chilli kindly donated to us by one of our amazing customers. Watch our video and follow our handy steps to harvest your own chilli seeds and grow more of your favourite chillies.

How To Grow Chilli: Pricking Out Chilli Seedlings

An easy to follow guide for pricking out chilli seedlings to ensure healthy growth. Take a closer look at our award-winning Vitopod Propagator.

How To Grow Chillies: Sowing Chilli Seeds

A quick handy guide to sowing chilli seeds quickly and easily!

Sowing Chilli Seeds

That's our Chilli seeds sown!