How to set up your Vitopod Light Support Kit


1) Peel back the protective film from both sides of each bracket as shown.

2) Remove the nuts from the grips.

3) Fit the two grips into the slots in the brackets as shown. Ensure the grips are at the top of the slots and from the other side tighten the nut just enough to hold the grip in place.

4) Rest the feet of the bracket on the edge of the Vitopod.

5) Centre the bracket in relation to the vent on the Vitopod.

6) Push the grips to expel air from all 3 segments of both grips. The bracket should now be securely fixed to the Vitopod.

7) Repeat steps 1-6 for the other bracket and grips and attach to the opposite side of the Vitopod.

8) The height of the brackets can be adjusted by loosening the nuts, moving the bracket and then re-tightening the nuts.

9) Open your lights and remove the film from the reflectors.

10) Prise the dust cap off one of the lights (at the output end).

11) Position the lights in the notches on the brackets so that one light has the Input facing you and the other light has the Output facing you. Centre the lights over the Vitopod.

12) Plug the power cord with on/off switch into the input end of one of the lights. Do not plug into a power socket at this time.

13) Take the connecting cable. Click one end of the connecting cable into the Input of one light and click the other end of the cable into the Output of the other light.

14) Your lights can now be plugged into a power socket and switched on. This completes assembly of your Vitopod lighting kit.