How to Sign Up for Facebook Notifications

Do you ever find that you’ve missed some of our Gardening Angels Top Tips? Or miss one of our fabulous special offers? Then you need to sign up to receive notifications from our Facebook Page!

How to Sign Up for Notifications

  1. 1. Give our Facebook page a like (Thank you!)
  2. 2. Visit our Facebook page and hover over the “Liked” button at the top of the page
  3. 3. A dropdown menu will open. Select “Get Notifications”
  4. 4. From now on, you will see all of our posts!

Why Sign Up for Notifications

To stop your timeline getting overcrowded, Facebook will not show you every single post that has been made from all of your friends and likes. However, if there is a person or company who you will always want to see updates from, you can sign up to receive a notification every single time.

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