How to Take Plant Cuttings

Plants grown from cuttings in Hydropod PropagatorOur Hydropod Cuttings propagator is a great way to re-stock your garden for free and is specially designed to speed up growth of cuttings and reduce the risk of damping-off, drying out & fungal infections.

Cuttings can be grown in pots of gritty compost, however if growing from cuttings in our Hydropod, they will typically be ready to transplant in just 10 – 14 days!

Preparing & Selecting Your Plant Cuttings

1) The day before taking cuttings, water the plants you want to propagate to hydrate them thoroughly and take the cuttings in the morning when they are full of water.

2) Choose healthy, pest free & non-flowering shoots for your cuttings. Snip off the shoots for your cuttings cleanly with sharp secateurs or a craft knife.

3) Cuttings should be 5-10cm long. Cut straight and cleanly directly under a pair of leaves and then remove all but one or two pairs of leaves at the tip.

Planting Your Cuttings

1) Fill a 9cm pot with free-draining compost, level the compost out and firm it down. Insert cuttings into the pot, keeping the leaves clear of the surface of the soil.

2) Put in a propagator or cover your pot with a clear plastic bag, held with an elastic band to stop the cuttings from drying out if you don’t have a propagator.

3) Keep the cuttings in a bright place, but not direct sunlight, until the cuttings have rooted. Gardening fleece will help to diffuse strong sunlight.

4) If you are using a Hydropod Cuttings Propagator rather than compost, the cuttings can now be placed in one of the sponge discs that are supplied with the hydropod. It is now ready for placing in the Hydropod Propagator.

Have my Cuttings Rooted?

Root Development of Cuttings in Hydropod PropagatorIf you are growing your plant cuttings in soil, check for roots by gently tugging at the plants after several weeks. If they have rooted there should be some resistance. Cuttings will typically develop roots in 6-10 weeks.

In the Hydropod propagator, you can see the roots growing as there is no soil: so no need to pull on your plants!


If you have any questions about growing from cuttings, taking care of cuttings or any general gardening questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Gardening Angels on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email at

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