Nutrigrow Plant Food

Ensure healthy plant growth and bumper harvests with our award winning Nutrigrow Plant Food. Our super-concentrated plant feed contains all the nutrients that plants need to thrive.

The Nutrigrow Plant Food is comprised of two bottles. One labelled “A” and another labelled “B”. Find out how to use Nutrigrow with our video guide:

How To Use Nutrigrow

Fill up the A and B Nutrient Bottles with water to the recommended amount on the bottle – typically 2.5 litres of water.

2) Shake the bottles thoroughly to ensure the powders are fully dissolved.

3) Once shaken, the Nutrigrow is ready to be added to your water. Then add 6ml of A and 6ml of B for every 1 litre of water.

4) When adding your nutrients to your water, first measure out your water.

5) Then, add the A nutrient to your water.

6) Finally, add the B nutrient to your water.

Always ensure you use an equal amount of the A and B nutrients.


Your Success

Giant Onions Nutrigrow Plant Food Nutrients

Giant Onions
Competition grower Stuart grew these unbelievable giant onions that were fed on Nutrigrow!


About Nutrigrow Plant Food

Nutrigrow is a super-concentrated feed that is perfect for veg plants and ornamentals, improving the health, speed of growth and flower/fruit production of plants. This versatile feed can be used on plants in pots, grow bags, borders and hanging baskets.

Nutrigrow Plant Food Nutrients

The plant food contains essential nutrients for flowering & fruiting and encourages natural development and healthy growth. These nutrients are Potash, Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, Micronutrients and Trace Elements. The Micronutrients and Trace Elements contain nutrients that plants will only need in tiny quantities.

If you would like to find out more about our Nutrigrow Plant Food or have any general gardening questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Gardening Angels on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email at We’re always happy to help!