7 Steps To Wonderful House Plants

As you'll know, the Gardening Angels are super passionate about growing plants we can eat, but we also love filling our homes with decoratives - as spring in on its way, we’re thinking about house plants right now. 

Here are some top tips to give your indoor plants the best start!

Tips for looking after houseplants

 1. Don’t sow too soon

Timing is still relevant when growing indoors. Seeds sown on a windowsill while we’re still getting frost become stressed and are at risk of diseases, windowsills are chilly places! Check your seed packet for when to sow.

2. Trick your plants

If seedlings are skinny brush over them with your hand a couple of times per day. You will trick them into thinking its windy and they’ll fatten up to cope.

3. Get the light right

Make sure you give houseplants plenty of light, but don't let them get too warm on the windowsill

Make sure your house plants get an appropriate amount of light. This isn’t necessarily south facing light, choose a north or north-east facing window if your plants prefer shady areas

4. Watch those windowsills!

When leaves wilt it’s usually because the cells have too little water to hold the plant upright. When the sun comes out, windowsills can get very warm and the leaves start to lose water and start to wither. If this happens move your plant away from the window. You can also give them a spray of Revive Plant Tonic, which will perk them right up!

5. Watch your water

Watering is difficult to get right on a windowsill because of the significant impact of the sun coming out! Water only if the soil is dry to the touch down to the 2nd knuckle, or if you want to you can use a Soil Moisture Metre for a more accurate moisture level reading.

6. Pot sizing

Use the right size pot for the plant, if a pot is too small the soil won’t be able to hold sufficient water for a day without suffocating the roots, whereas if the pot is too large the soil dries too slowly meaning you are at risk of overwatering the plant. We absolutely adore these 5 Enamel Pots, all different sizes and shades – not only will they be useful for your plants but will look very pretty on the windowsill or dotted about the house!

7. Feeding plants

Use water that you boiled veg or eggs in to water plants. Wait till the water cools down, of course, and then use the nutrient rich water to feed your plants, perfect if you have run out of plant food! Alternatively, using LeafMagic will provide all the nutrients needed for leafy houseplants!

Whether you want a house full of blooms or a greenhouse full of veg, our Gardening Angels are always happy to help! If you have any questions about growing or our products, get in touch with us via email at info@greenhousesensation.co.uk

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