Gardening Jobs for September

The summer is finally drawing to a close, and as August comes to an end it's time to start thinking about gardening jobs for September to be preparing for.

Here are a few of our top picks and tips for September.

Prepare for Overwintering Plants

A great way of overwintering plants is by investing in a good quality propagator and our Heated Vitopod Propagator is no exception. The award-winning Vitopod propagator is renowned as the most advanced propagator available - awards and accolades include the Gardener's World Best Buy award and Grow Your Own magazine's Most Innovative Product award. 

The Vitopod is height adjustable - add as many layers as you need! The large vents ensure humidity control so your plants don't dampen off 

Pick autumn berries and fruits

We've seen a couple of harvest pictures going around social media thanks to a hot summer, but we're coming up to the time to harvest the bulk of the autumn fruit. If you're lucky enough to have fruit trees, avoid going up wobbly ladders with this handy fruit pickerthe 146cm long FSC wooden handle makes light work of picking those hard to reach apples, pears and plums, with a cushioned foam liner to prevent bruising.

If you're planning on going berry picking this month, this modern berry picker easily scoops up fruit with its rounded wire comb - perfect for wild fruits including blackberries, sloes, damsons, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, bilberries, and blackcurrants.

Harvest any remaining maincrop potatoes

Our Potato Harvest Scoop helps you to sift potatoes from the soil without stabbing them - the bar across the end of the tines prevents damage to your crops. The long handle makes light work of potato harvest, however, if you are getting down to dig, protect your knees with these wipe-clean kneeling pads. 

Plant potatoes ready for Christmas

There are many types of potato suitable for growing ready for Christmas - some of our favourites are Charlotte, Vivaldi, Nicola and Maris Piper. If you're considering growing your own potatoes for Christmas dinner this year, take a look at our Potato Growing Kit - it contains everything you need to get your potatoes growing!

We've put together a brand new guide to planting potatoes for Christmas harvesting - check it out here.

Get your greenhouse ready for the cold

If you haven't already, now's a good time to get your greenhouse clean for the new season. Clean it out, replace any broken parts and make sure your tools are in tip-top condition. Clean things up with our tool oil, and consider a mat or boot brush to stop you treading in as much dirt from your boots. If you have bits and pieces all over the potting bench, consider tidying them up with a stylish storage caddy

Add some insulation to your greenhouse ahead of the frosts with some greenhouse bubble wrap, or if you have a power supply consider a greenhouse heater.

Cover leafy vegetables from the cold

Vegetables out in the open need protecting from the elements, and from some of the wildlife! Our extendable cloche tunnel clicks together to be as long as you need and collect water in the lid to slowly drip water your plants. Another option for plants in the open ground as well as in pots is horticultural fleece. Peg it over your veg or wrap them round pots to give protection from frost. 

Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs

Whether you’re growing them for centrepieces and vases around the home, or to give as gifts, there are some flowers that you can plant now and grow in time for Christmas! Check out our guide to growing bulbs such as Hyacinths and Daffodils. Make easy work of planting bulbs with this handheld planter - the sharp serrated edges cut through even compacted soil and the depth measurements on the outside make it easy to plant your bulbs with precision. 

Protect from slugs!

Slugs and snails love the warm, wet weather that September brings. Keep them at bay with protective measures such as our Slug & Snail Shocka mats or Nemaslug nematodes, which offers at least 6 weeks of slug protection. If you've noticed any hedgehogs snuffling around your veg patch, encourage them to stick around with a hedgehog house. They'll repay you by eating up to 80 slugs and snails a night!