Gardens Surviving The Winter

There’s nothing more beautiful than a frosty winter garden. Here are a few of our favourite winter garden photos with some handy tips for getting through the winter.

Winter Plant Protection - Winter Rose

Winter Rose
Prune roses during their dormant season (November to March). Prune at the beginning of winter or start of spring because frosts might cause some dieback. You’ll be rewarded with a healthier and fuller floral display. Click here for our top rose pruning tips.

35gsm Gardening Fleece – Washingonia Robusta Palm Tree

Choose The Right Garden Frost Fleece
Jack Frost isn’t getting anywhere near this snug Mexican Palm (Washingtonia Robusta)! Reduce the damaging effects of frosts make sure you choose the right frost protection fleece to keep your plants snug throughout the winter. Read our handy guide.

Winter Plant Protection - Frosty Flower

Watering Plants Through Winter
Avoid overwatering during the colder months. As daylight hours decrease and temperatures drop, plants take up less water as plant growth slows down. Overwatering can result in plants sitting in soggy cold soil, causing winter rot and eventually the plants demise. Click here for more watering tips.

Winter Plant Protection - Rosemary Herb

Grow Herbs Under Cover
Give herbs extra protection from cold winter temperatures & pests such a crop munching flea beetles with a Cloche or Garden Frost Fleece. You can even bring a few indoors or into your greenhouse for a handy supply of herbs through winter.

Winter Plant Protection - Frosty Flower

Beautiful Ivy
Keep on top of winter tidying tasks. Clear leaves, weeding and pruning materials in double quick time with a pair of handy leaf pickers.

Winter Plant Protection - Winter Robin

Winter Wildlife Protection
What’s that Mr Robin? You want us make our garden wildlife friendly? As temperatures drop, food and water often become scarce for garden wildlife from cute hedgehogs to cheeky Robins. Click here and read our winter wildlife guide.

Winter Plant Protection - Berries

Winter Berries
There’s nothing more beautiful than a few winter berries! Any excuse for our Gardening Angels to dig out the old Berry Picker and rescue a few tasty berries from the cold.