How LED Greenhouse Lights can help your plants

We're passionate about helping you grow the best plants possible, and one of the Gardening Angels favourite additions to our lighting range are our LED grow lights.

You may have heard of LED lights before, but did you know it can be used to improve the growth of your plants?

Getting enough light is of course vital for the health of your plants, especially through winter with the lack of sunlight, or for those of you raising seedling and wanting to avoid leggy growth and yellow leaves.

LED Propagation lights will help to get your plants off to the best start!

What are the advantages of LED grow lights?

While there's a variety of propagation lights out there, we love LED lights because they have a lower heat output, have lower energy usage and are long lasting. They are incredibly effective at producing usable light, so there is more to be used by your plants in photosynthesis. Our LED lights include a built-in reflector to reduce light lost to the surrounding environment, making them work better for your plants.

LEDs last longer than other grow lights, and have a longer life than incandescent or fluorescent grow lights - our LEDs have a life of up to 50000 hours! 

LED lights also give off a lot less heat, which is perfect if you are using propagation lights in a relatively enclosed space where temperature fluctuation makes all the difference, such as a small unventilated greenhouse. As there’s less heat emitted, you can place your LED lights closer to your plants without worrying about plants over heated or leaves getting singed. 

LED Lights are available in 3 colour spectrums

Plants need different spectrums of light at different stages of their life, which is why we offer our LED grow lights in three different colour spectrums. 

Our LED lights for propagation deliver a blue light spectrum of 6500k - this blue light is perfect for getting your seedling off to a healthy start without leggy growth. Our LED lights for flowering deliver a red light spectrum of 2700k - this is perfect for the flowering stage of plant growth.

We also offer an 'all seasons' LED light with a dual purple light spectrum of 6500/2700k - this type of light can be used through propagation and flowering stages of plant growth - perfect if you don't want to have to worry about taking lighting systems down and putting the other colour up.  

When to use your LED lights

When growing in the UK, you can't always rely on the sunshine to appear - that's what makes LED lighting so useful for your greenhouse. You can use your LED lights as a supplemental grow light - the red light spectrum is perfect for flowering plant growth. LED Lights are also ideal as propagation lights, if you're looking to cultivate a plant from seeds of cuttings. Why not use them with our Geopod, Unapod or Hydropod Propagators? The lids are perfectly moulded to hold a set of propagation lights. 

Need more help? Ask our Gardening Angels

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