Use a Mini Greenhouse - get a head start and beat the frost

Mini Greenhouse

Many tender plants need a long season to develop good quality fruit, so when frosts hit the UK in March and even April it is a risk planting them outside without protection. Providing a little extra insulation to the soil can keep your plants warm, and potted plants should be kept warm in a mini greenhouse.

-  Provide insulation by laying the fleece over the border and securing with fabric pegs.

-  When you are ready to sow your seeds, lift the fleece to allow access to the soil and then replace once the seeds have been sown.

-  The fleece will allow moisture through so there is no need to remove it in order to water your plants. The fleece will also allow the plants to grow without harming them - this will still provide protection against frost.

-  Remove the fleece and store ready for the next year once the risk of frost has passed.

-  Once plants are placed in a pot or planter, they can be kept warm during the night inside a mini greenhouse