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Our growing kits and propagators have a strange effect on people. You can’t help but get excited about the fabulous results! You'll want to tell everyone – that’s why we’ve created this area just for you to.

We love seeing the results our customers are achieving so we would really like to hear from you. If you have some photos you want to share with us Click here

Billywizz - Vitopod & Hydropod 

Billywizz is growing osteospermum, penstemon, abutilon, hydrangea and dianthus - which are 16 days old in his Hydropod Propagator. The photo's were taken on the 21st of september!

Hydropod close up

hydropod close up2

Matthew Deakin - Solargrow

Hot Trinidad Scorpian Chillies

20th September - Chillies are Ripening

20th sept 2010 - website

Another fantastic Picture for you. It is a shame I have not been able to take a picture of the whole harvest as they have been ripening in dribs and drabs. I have been powdering my chillies as they ripen, and I still have another 100 pods to ripen.



8th September- Still Waiting


We had a lovely update from Matthew this week; 'As you can see, I'm still waiting! I probably have well over 100 pods over both plants. This picture is just a small area of just one of the plants.'





5th August 2010 - 40-60 pods with more setting every day...

chillis in grenhouse trindiad scorpian yellow cardi pod close-up trinidad scorpian yellow cardi new pods forming
trinidad scoripain yellow cardi

trinidad scoripian yello cardii pods

trinidad scortpian yellow cardi with flowers
trinidad scorpian yello cardi pod close-up2

A lot has happened in the last 3-4 weeks since my last update, I now have around 40 to 60 pod between the two plants and more are setting every day.

Thanks to your Solargrow, this has been the best "Super Hot" Season I have had.





28th june 2010 - still growing strongly...

photo1 28 jun10 resized photo2 28jun 10 resized photo3 28th jun 10 resized


Matthew's Trindad Scorpian Chillies are growing fantastically well, and even in the last 10 days they have grown quite impressively.

We are hoping for Matthew to have the first pods appearing about August time, I cannot wait for these photos.

18th June 2010 - ready to flower...

After just six weeks in the Solargrow, Matthew's Trindad Scorpian plants are doing rather well, and are ready to flower with the plant on the left - the Trindad Scorpian Yellow Cardi has an amazing 8 buds at the top node.


trinidad scorpian flower buds trinidad scorpian leaf
Look at the thick healthy stems in contrast with the delicate little flower buds - it is amazing to think that they are the start of such a fiery fruit. It is a good healthy leaf there, Matthew should be very pleased with his plants - he certainly is doing very well, I predict a good yield from these plants.

Summer 2010- Final Harvests

photo-4 photo-5 photo-6

John Molyneux, Our Chairman - Solargrow

12th August 2010

Even the most experienced gardeners amongst us love to share when their plants are looking stunning, growing in his poly tunnel, John has some gorgeous tomatoes in his Solargrow.

johns solargrow tomaotes r

johns solargrow tomaotes 4 r



Jan Childe, North Wiltshire - NFT Hydrogrow

Jan Childe - A Greenhouse Sensational Customer

17th August 2010

Following on from last update, we have been noshing on Charentais melons for the past few months - absolutely deliciously sweet & aromatic, ripened on the vine. And, as photos show, we are now literally inundated with peppers, mostly sweet / bell types (notable goodies are Redtop, Sungold, Ice Age, Sweet Orange Bell). The photo with my hand in shot shows a massive pepper, called 'Napoleon' - each plant has around 10 fruits on it!! Another big find, this year was Inferno, a lovely & very fruity medium heat chilli as big as 'bull's horn' sweet peppers, which makes the most fantastic chilli lime butter for topping steaks & other grilled meats & veg.

17aug 2010 peppers r 17th aug 2010 inferno r 17th aug 2010 yellow peppers r
17th aug 2010 napolean r 17th aug 2010 orange peppers r 17th aug 2010 nferno r

June 2010


29thjune10 sensational greenhouse resized

Jan is a real Greenhouse Sensation fan and has so many of our Grow kits that she has her "Greenhouse Sensation Greenhouse". This year in her Hydrogrows Jan is growing peppers (mostly bells), a few tomatoes, 2 types of all-female cucumber and 3 varieties of melon. It looks very beautiful, and as the season progresses we are expecting it to look even more stunning.

29th jun10 german strawberry resized

We love tomatoes and we especially love tomatoes that look like that! Jan's pride and joy for this year is the impressive exotic German Strawberry Tomato which she reports is producing a hefty crop of giant heart-shaped fruit, which Jan informs us tastes fantastic.

29thjun10 melon2 resized

Jan is growing three varieties of melon, 1 water and 2 charentais types, all of which are growing brilliantly and producing large numbers of gorgeous-looking fruit.

29thjun 2010 melon resized

Melon are another popular fruit amongst our customers and they fill the air in your greenhouse with the most delicious aroma


A comparison of growbag and NFT GS200+ grown tomatoes 2009

We recently received some excellent results from Jan who this season compared growing in Greenhouse Sensation hydro systems to growing in regular growbags (shown on the right).

As you can see our systems came out a clear winner. Jan was so impressed by our systems that she subsequently purchased another ten, now thats growing!!!


jan_1 jan_2 jan_3
7th April 18th April 6th May
jan_4 jan_5

17th July - Hydro

v Grow bags

Here's what Jan had to say about Greenhouse Sensation:

"At the risk of a bad pun, my experience was demonstrably sensational!! My first year & I trialed two GS200s for my favourite variety of cherry tomato in one greenhouse, whilst planting the same variety of tomato next door in my second greenhouse in grow bags (good ones, as recommended by Gardening Which?).

The differential was staggering. The GS200 tomatoes stormed away, literally doing what it said they would in the GS200 booklet (root growth in 48 hours etc), whilst the others in their grow bag did nowhere near as well. My crop from the GS200s has been substantial, unlike the grow bag, and the plants are still going strong.

Suspect we will have fruit well into November. So impressed, am kitting out both greenhouses with multiple units for next year - will be trying out a much wider range of crops & suspect cucumbers & aubergines will do very well, being warmed at roots."

Robin Wardly - NFT Hydrogrow

Blog from Robin from June 2010 onwards

New to Growing in Hydroponics

6th jun 2010 greenhouse

6th jun 2010 greenhouse2

Robin has just built his new greenhouse to grow tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, and baby corn for the first time using our NFT Hydrogrow kits. He has been growing using the Hydrogrow for less than a month and has found the results to be spectacular. He is so pleased with the results that he is keeping us updated with regular photo's to follow his progress for this season.



6th jun 2010 toms

6th June 2010

Robin has started off the tomatoes in pots whilst he was building his greenhouse and transplanted them into Rockwool Cubes and then into the the NFT Hydrogrow.

13th june 2010 tomatoes

13th June 2010

The tomatoes seem to have taken well to their new grow position and have already started to grow within the last week

18th june 2010 tomaotes

18th June 2010


30th june 2010 tomato

30th June 2010

The plants have been busy over the last 12 days and fruit is already forming.


10th july toms2

10th July 2010

All three plants have grown some more and have already got a lot of fruit on them.

25th july 2010 tomaotes ripening

25th July 2010

Tomaotoes starting to ripen already

25th july ripe tomaotes

25th July 2010

8th aug 2010 toms

8th August 2010

8th aug 2010 toms in gs100

8th August 2010

"I have been eating my ripe tomatoes this week and very nice indeed! I'm on holiday tomorrow for a couple of weeks. My mother in law is looking after my plants - she will be shocked at how fast the plants grow in the Hydrogrow!!"


Pepper, Cucumber, and Baby Corn

6th june 2010 pepper

6th June 2010

Robin has transplanted the pepper he started off in a pot into Rockwool Cubes and placed in his NFT Hydrogrow.

13th june 2010 pepper

13th June 2010

Already the growth over the past week really is impressive

18th june 2010 pepper babycorn cucumber

18th June 2010

After germinating the Baby Corn and Cucumber from seed Robin has transplanted them into the NFT Hydrogrow.

30th june 2010 pepper corn cucum

30th June 2010

The pepper is going great, the cucumber and corn is slowly catching up, but with patience they soon will start really seeing the advantages of the Hydrogrow.

10th july cucumber compare with hydro

10th July 2010

Robin tells us,

"This cucumber was planted from seed at the same time as the cucumber in the Hydrogrow NFT. Say no more Hydrogrow rocks."

11th july pepper cucum corn

10th July 2010

Robin tells us,

"I have thinned the pepper to allow room for the side shoots from the cucumber to be trained along the netting behind it, the growth of this plant is nothing short of astounding and it's already producing plenty of flowers with diddy little fruits behind, if this carries on we will all be eating nothing but cucumber for a couple of months... lol.

The baby corn is growing well but currently very overshadowed by the cucumber. I have two lovely peppers at the bottom of the plant and iit just begging to produce more a couple of nodes up"

25th july peppers

25th July 2010

Peppers are going great too

8th aug 2010 cucumber in gs100

8th August 2010

8th aug 2010 cucumber plant

8th August 2010

8th aug 2010 peppper and cucumeber

8th August 2010

"I have been eating my cucumbers and peppers this week, the flavour is awesome.

My cucumber is growing fantastically and is now half way up my greenhouse roof. Rather impressive!!"



Robert Ballantyne - Vitopod Propagator and NFT Hydrogrow

2nd May 2010 - Robert has another update for us...
Greenhouse Sensation: from seed to plate in just 70 days

14th February, we sowed some Sunella and Suncherry Premium; they are now ready for eating - all done with your Hydrogrow!!

February 2010 - I wish I know about Greenhouse Sensation 20 years ago



These are some of our tomatoes, aubergines
and peppers all started in our Vitopod. Just
6 weeks later they are ready to go into our
NFT Hydrogrows.

Don't these plants just look fabulous for
only six weeks of propagation!! They will grow
into wonderful plants, with gorgeous fruit.


Robert says about our whole range of growing kits "To any new growers out there I would recommend you look no further than Greenhouse Sensation, I wish I had these kits 20 years ago. The results we have had with these kits are truly brilliant."

Blanche at NFU Mutual - Windowgrow

Blanche at NFU Mutual

NFU WindowgrowNFU Mutual Windowgrow






We love the Windowgrow so much that we have ordered 50 to add some green to our offices and grow some scrummy salads for our lunches.


Julian the Chilli Man - Quadgrow

Julian the Chilli Man - July 2010

Julian is a long term fan of Greenhouse Sensation, this year he has grown some jalapeno peppers and gherkin in his Quadgrow, which look very tasty.

jalapeno and gherkin in quad

Three of pots have Jalapeno peppers, with the last pot containing Gherkin plants. This is one of the stunning Gherkin fruits that Julian is growing.

Ron Mehta, Ilford - Solargrow

Growing tomatoes in a Solargrow compared to traditional growing.

Ron is getting fantastic results from growing in his Solargrow, in Essex. He is growing a tumbling tomato as well as three tomato plants and a courgette.


rm2 rm1
Planted at the same time,
the tumbler tomato is growing in soil in a hanging basket.
In comparison to his Solargrow plants, it's not quite looking up to scratch. >


Ron is planning on transplanting his tomatoes and courgette to a Quadgrow to give his plants more space as they grow. He's then going to fill his Solagrow with chilli peppers.

Keep up the good work, Ron!

Jeremy - NFT Hydrogrow

Jeremy - 3 Plant NFT Hydrogrow

Bhut Jolokia Chillies at 17 weeks Greenhouse Sensation NFT Hydrogrow v Pot

Greenhouse Sensation customer Jeremy was so impressed with his new 3 plant NFT Hydrogrow that he sent us this picture..

jeremy_gs100 The picture shows the difference between two Bhut Jolokia chillies at 17 weeks.
The one on the left is growing in his NFT Hydrogrow, the plant on the right is struggling to keep up in a traditional pot.

Jeremy said: "The difference is amazing. This is the first time I have ever grown in a NFT Hydrogrow and I have found the system easy to set up and run.  Thanks to the Gardening Angels who answered all my newbie questions."


Steve Renshaw, Sheffield - Octogrow

Steve Renshaw, Sheffield

Steve is a happy gardener thanks to our Octogrow.
After having poor results for many years, Steve bought a Vitopod Propagator and Octogrow from us to see if he would fair any better. He planting his tomatoes on 16th February and even after 4 inches of snow they are going strong six weeks later and are already up to the third truss.

steve renshaw photo1steve renshaw photo2


Mr Waugh, Ayrshire - NFT Hydrogrow

Mr Waugh, Ayrshire

NFT Hydrogrow 'v' growbag. No surprise to us which grows better!

Mr Waugh of Ayrshire sent us some great pictures comparing tomatoes grown in a GS200 NFT Hydrogrow with those grown in grow bags.

The tomato plants were planted into the NFT Hydrgrow and grow bags at the same time and are of the same variety.
The difference is incredible. The tomato plants in the NFT Hydrogrow – on the left of the photo - are twice as tall, with thicker stems and larger fruit; all because they receive exactly the right amount of food, water and oxygen, when they need it.

Growing in hydro is a fantastic alternative to soil. There’s no digging, no mess, no watering schedules to stick to and the results speak for themselves.



Don Waters, Blackpool - Vitopod

Fantastic Tomato seedlings in the Vitopod Propagator

VitopodA true tomato lover, Don has lots of different varieties of seedlings including Black Cherry, Money Maker, Tamina and Florenting.







Neil Johnstone, Glasgow - Vitopod

Vitopod propagators and mini gardens in a gorgeous greenhouse

vitopod propagatorThis is a fabulous pic of his Vitopod Propagators and Mini Gardens set up in the greenhouse, ready for the new season. Neil also sent us this lovely comment, “Nice to find a company that is focussed on customer service, very rare these days. I am very happy with the products.”






William Michael Cryer - Vitopod

Propagating his cuttings with a fabulous 99% success rate

wc1 small web

wc2 small web

wc3 small web

William's Double Length Vitopod Cuttings planted at the end of August 2009 By 3rd week in September, cuttings were rooted and potted up with a 99% success rate.


Tina May, Maidstone - Vitopod

Giant African Land Snails in a Vitopod Mini Garden!

vitopod PropagatorTina is using her Vitopod as a vivarium for her Giant African Land Snails!

The snails are happiest when kept moist and humid; Tina uses the large humidity vents in the Vitopod mini garden to maintain the perfect atmosphere. The deep grow tray is filled with organic compost to allow the snails to bury themselves.
Tina feeds her snails on a very healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables. The cuttlefish bone provides the snails with the calcium they need to maintain a strong, healthy shell.









Mr K Chadwick, Ashton-in-makerfield - NFT Hydrogrow

Mr K Chadwick, Ashton-In-Makerfield

Growbag tomatoes or NFT Hydrogrow tomatoes? Here's the evidence!

NFT HydrogrowMr K Chadwick, of Ashton-In-Makerfield, sent us this fantastic picture comparing the results of tomatoes growing in soil against tomatoes growing in a NFT Hydrogrow. The tomato plants were put into a NFT Hydrogrow and soil grow bags on the same day. The difference is clearly visible, the hydro grown plants are nearly twice the size of the soil grown plants; with stronger, thicker stems and healthier leaves. All because they receive exactly the right amount of water, nutrients and oxygen, when they need it.


William Atkins, Market Harborough - Hydropod Propagator

William has been taking cuttings of his Begonia Aromatics and Fuchsia using our Hydro Propagator

Hydropod Propagator flowers flowers
William Atkins's Begonia Aromatics and Fuchsia cuttings. William’s cuttings have grown strong and healthy, resulting in huge, beautiful blooms. The result is beautiful blooms!

John Robinson - Vitopod

Growing mushrooms using a Vitopod Propagator

jr1 small web jr3 small web golden_oyster  
A shiitake kit fruiting in
a heated Vitopod


This beautiful looking
variety is Pink Oyster


Golden Oyster, noted to be
one of the most spectacular
gourmet mushrooms