Banana Surprise

Juice of 1 lime
2 lbs bananas
20oz sugar
Quarter pint water (or you can use pineapple juice).

Sqeeze the lime into a mixing bowl.
Peel and dice the bananas and add them to the lime juice. Stir them in so each piece is covered.
Add the sugar to the water in a large pan and stir to dissolve the sugar as you bring to the boil.
Add bananas and lime juice and boil ( a good simmer) stirring occasionally.
After 20 minutes raise the heat a little and stir to stop the jam burning on the bottom of the pan.
After 10 minutes or so the mixture should thicken. You can tell its done by scraping the spoon across the bottom and note if the channel closes only slowly, then its ready.
Ladle into sterilised jars.