Natural Pest Control For Your Garden

Pests and diseases thrive in the warm, wet weather we've been having, but don't despair, we have a great range of organic solutions to combat them.

Aphids Attack - Beware!

Protect your crops now with Gardening Angel Paul's top products for avoiding aphid attacks!

Insect Netting 5m - £17.99

An allotment essential - Protect your crops from pests with this superior insect netting. No need to remove when watering!

Bug Killer Concentrate 5L - £14.95

Suitable for edibles as well as decoratives this all-natural concentrate is also available in a spray.
Eradicates spidermite, whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, scale insects, caterpillars and mealybugs fast.

Sticky Insect Traps - £5.00

Trap flying pests before they eat into the fruits of your labour.
These yellow traps attract and trap whitefly, greenfly, thrips, leaf miners and greenfly and are just £5.00!

Plant Collars x 30 - £4.00

Keep slugs off your cabbages, strawberries, lettuce and newly planted shrubs and roses with these collars.
They also help to prevent rotting, suppress weeds & retain moisture...

Natural Greenhouse Pest Smoke Fumer - £6.99

It also actively improves the health of your plants and helps crops to deal with the stress of drought and fungal disease.

Slug And Snail Defence!

Our Top Slug & Snail Defence Essentials are sure to help keep these slimy critters at bay...

Copper Slug Tape - £4.49

Stick this copper tape to pots to create a natural barrier against slugs and snails.
*TOP TIP* Sprinkle crushed egg shells around susceptible plants - Slugs and snails hate the crunch!

Slug & Snail Traps - £5.50

Chemical free and child and pet friendly traps!
2 per pack.
Just add beer, you only need a splash though so you'll have to finish the bottle!

Organic Slug Gone Pellets - £7.99

Voted ‘Our Choice’ by BBC Gardeners World Magazine.

Our favourite! These are made for sheep wool, are 100% organic and they deter slugs for 12 months.
After 12 months they biodegrade and fertilise your soil!.

Mulch Mats - £10.00

Retain valuable soil moisture using these biodegradable mulch mats. They protect plants from moisture depriving weeds & crop munching slugs.
Perfect for use with our planters, as well as pots, raised beds and on the plot.

Slug & Snail Shocka - 10 discs £12 or 1 roll £8

Use these handy Slug & Snail Socka Mats season after season to keep slugs & snails at bay.
These re-usable mats create an unpleasant sensation when a slug or snail tries to cross then, so they simply go away!!