Are You Ready To Plant Out?

Are You Ready To Plant Out?
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 Are You Ready To Plant Out? 
It’s important for plants to have a healthy, established root system before planting out into a final growing position.

You should see white roots on the outside of the compost, which should hold the compost in a pot shape. If not then your plant is not ready to transfer.
We’ve already planted out Bolivian Rainbow chillies into our Duogrow and Chilligrow planters, and F1 Hydrib Jumbo sweet peppers into our Quadgrow holiday-proof planters.

Because our holiday-proof planters keeps plants perfectly watered & provides roots with excellent access to oxygen, plants will be stronger, healthier & more resistant to attacks from pests.
Watch our video and see how easy it is to plant out in our Quadgrow.
★ Video: Planting Out In A Quadgrow ★
 Planting Out Essentials 
Special Offer: 2x Quadgrows £69.90

The 4-pot Quadgrow planter keeps plants perfectly fed and watered for 14 days at a time. Get ready to harvest 2x more tomatoes, beans, aubergines & peppers this season with our best seller!
★ Special Offer: 2x Quadgrows £69.90 ★
Award Winning Nutrigrow Plant Food
From £10.99

Keep your tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers perfectly fed with our Nutrigrow Plant food, awarded ‘Best Buy’ by Grow Your Own Magazine.
Contains the perfect balance of nutrients and trace elements a plant need for increased growth, flower production, harvest size and resistance to pests, disease and drought!  Read our review and learn more.
★ Nutrigrow Plant Food - From £10.99 ★
Mini Greenhouses & Cloches

Protect young plants from the unpredictable springtime weather with a mini greenhouse!

This will ensure your plant is safe from adverse weather and will not suffer from the shock of exposure to cooler temperatures. Perfect if you raise seeds in the house or buy plants from a garden centre!
★ Mini Greenhouses & Cloches ★
 Terrific Tomatoes & Baba Ghanoush 
Gary tells us his tomatoes are very happy in his Vitopod propagator. Varieties include santonio, zlatava, rosella and black opal to name a few.

We're sure it won't be long before Gary is planting out his Quadgrow planter.
Nicola has been growing aubergines from seed and says she will be whipping up some baba ghanoush once she harvests.

These tasty treats will also be heading into our Quadgrow planter when they are ready to be planted out.
★ See More Photos In Our Customer Gallery ★
 Welcome Spring Wildlife 
Transform your garden into a wildlife haven this spring in just a few small steps, and benefit from increased plant pollination and natural pest control.
Butterfly & Bee Feeder - £6.99

Attract some bees, as well as butterflies, with this lovely & bright feeding station.

The sponge feeder and 2 feeding cups enable several butterflies and bees to feed at the same time.
★ Butterfly & Bee Feeder - £6.99 ★
Hogilo Hedgehog House - £42.00

This Hogilo Hedgehog House keeps hedgehogs safe from predators and garden hazards. With hedgehogs waking up, give hedgehogs a safe home for feeding and nesting, and they will help keep pests like slugs away from your plants.
★ Hogilo Hedgehog House - £42.00 ★
Bird Feeder - £24.99

Why not welcome some swallows back to the UK with this gorgeous feeder?

The large round entrance hole allows small birds to dine inside the feeder and the outside perch allows larger birds to feed comfortably.
★ Bird Feeder - £24.99 ★
 Super Vitopod Courgettes 
Our Romaneso courgette seedlings have grown up to 10cm after two weeks in our Vitopod propagator.

These will be planted out into our Quadgrow planter towards the end of May. We can't wait to try this variety, which are really good for flavour!
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