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FREE Delivery - Happy St George's Day!
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 FREE Delivery - Happy St George's Day! 
To celebrate St George's Day, we're offering FREE Delivery* on orders over £30!
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Get ready for the May Day bank holiday weekend and stock up on brilliant gardening goodies.
Offer ends midnight Wednesday 27th April. *UK Mainland deliveries only.
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 Are You Ready To Plant Out? 
It’s important for plants to have a healthy, established root system before planting out into a final growing position.

You should see white roots on the outside of the compost, which should hold the compost in a pot shape. If not then your plant is not ready to transfer.
We’ve already planted out Bolivian Rainbow chillies into our Duogrow and Chilligrow planters, and F1 Hydrib Jumbo sweet peppers into our Quadgrow holiday-proof planters.

Because our holiday-proof planters keep plants perfectly watered and provide roots with excellent access to oxygen, plants will be stronger, healthier and more resistant to attacks from pests.
Watch our video and see how easy it is to plant out in our Quadgrow planter.
★ Video: Planting Out In A Quadgrow ★
 Time For Spring Cleaning 
Pot Cleaning Brush - £12.95

Give your planters & pots a good cleaning with our handy pot brush and make short work of removing dirt & bacteria clinging to your lovely pots.

This cleverly shaped brush is designed to reach even the toughest to reach parts of your plant pot.
★ Pot Cleaning Brush - £12.95 ★
Organic Gardeners Soap - From £8.50

Keep pots, planters, greenhouses and even the family pet looking absolutely lovely with this organic gardeners soap.

Powerful enough to make your greenhouse sparkle and gentle enough to use as a hand soap. Made from a 110 year old formula.
★ Organic Gardeners Soap - From £8.50 ★
 6ft Tomato Plants & Potting Up Courgettes 
Our tallest tomato plant has grown another 44cm in our Vivigrow planter over the past week.

Gardening Angel Dave was convinced he hadn't been outgrown by our Sungold tomato plant, but at 183cm tall it just has the edge.
★ Greenhouse Update Gallery ★
Gardening Angel Paul was busy potting up these Romanesco courgettes, which were sown in jiffy pellets 3 weeks ago.

Watch our handy video tutorial to see how he potted them up.
★ Video: Potting Up Courgette Seedlings ★
 Keep Your Plants Perfectly Watered 
Say Goodbye to holiday watering rotas!

Keeping on top of holiday watering just got a whole lot easier thanks to our clever Self-Watering Planters and Click & Drip Irrigation Kits.
These clever products keep plants perfectly fed and watered for up to 14 days at a time without wasting a single drop.

There’s no more coming home to parched peppers, thirsty tomatoes or wilting watercress!
Take a look at our Holiday Watering page for all our brilliant watering kits.
★ Holiday Watering Kits ★
 Planting Out Essentials 
Soil Test Kits - £15.95
Gardening geeks will love our soil test kits, a clever way to help you decide which plants are suited to your soil.

Simply take a soil sample, mix with water & the kit’s testing liquid or powder, shake and watch the colour develop. Contains everything you need for testing pH, phosphorous, nitrogen & potash.
★ Soil Test Kit - £15.95 ★
Mini Greenhouses - From £20.00
Protect young plants from the unpredictable springtime weather with a mini greenhouse! This will ensure your plant is safe from adverse weather and will not suffer from the shock of exposure to cooler temperatures. Perfect if you raise seeds in the house or buy plants from a garden centre!
★ Mini Greenhouses - From £20.00 ★
Thermometer & Hygrometer - £10.95

This nifty Thermometer & Hygrometer monitors and records minimum and maximum temperatures, as well as humidity readings.
Perfect for ensuring plants are in optimum conditions for healthy growth. Includes a built-in stand and wall mount for easy placement.
★ Thermometer & Hygrometer - £10.95 ★
Planting Line - £14.95
You’ll have the neatest veg patch for miles around with this 20 metre Planting Line.

Simply push the posts into the ground and unwind the 20 metres of natural jute twine to keep seed sowing and planting straight! You may also like our complete potting shed collection.
★ Planting Line - £14.95 ★
Transplanter - £9.95
Plant at the right depth with this robust Transplanter, featuring handy depth markings and a forged neck at the optimum angle for digging and accurate planting. Ideal for gardeners who take pride in their work!
★ Transplanter £9.95 ★
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