Ginger Growing Diary

This year we are determined to break last year’s harvest record of almost 5kgs. 

gingershoots030409 March 2009

We source our ginger from the supermarket.  If you look carefully you can usually find fresh ginger root with small buds in the produce section.

Pot the ginger with buds into free draining compost. We then placed our pot into the Vitopod Heated Propagator.
ginger080509sized 6th May 2009

Once the ginger was established and growing strongly we planted the new ginger plants into a Rain & Drain Solar 
ginger1307092szd 15th July 2009 (week 11)

The ginger is making excellent progress with lots of new shoots forming.
14th August 2009 (week 15)

The root mass of the ginger continues to grow steadily.

16th September 2009 (week 20)

The ginger is putting on plenty of rootmass and looking to make good progress through the coming months leading up to the harvest.

It seems to happy to produce flowers too!

ginger300909szd2 19th October 2009

Today the solar rock was unplugged from the system. It will be left to dry out for a few days before we harvest the ginger.
gingrrootmass szd2

23rd October 2009

The Harvest

The ginger harvest has taken place today. The plant has grown well throughout the year.
The plant was removed from the the planter and the root mass examined. It appeared to be very healthy indeed with lots of healthy, fleshy white roots.

outofthepotszd 2

The stems and roots were trimmed and the harvested rhizomes cleaned and weighed.



The final weight for this year is 1.7kgs which isn't as much as last year but that's because we only planted three shooted roots instead of the usual four.

Our other system in the polytunnel harvested an impressive 2.7Kgs so we haven't beaten last years' weight but we'll enjoy it nevertheless.

Better luck next year!