Papaya Diary

We just love our papaya plants and they always give us such wonderful crops. Growing Papaya in the UK can be tricky, but is always very rewarding!


Our first papaya plant, grown in our Tropical Planter yielded over 40kgs of fruit in less than two years.

In November 2008, the fruit became so heavy that the trunk of the plant snapped under the weight of the fruit!


In spring of 2008 we planted our second papaya plant, grown from a cutting taken from the first. By late summer it had grown to 55cm tall and was bearing large fruit.

We took it to GLEE and it was a great success, drawing lots of attention.

papaya1cuttings0109szd Our third papaya plant started out as a cutting taken from the first papaya plant in the summer. We also took several cuttings a little later and placed them in the Hydropod Propagator. In a matter of weeks the cuttings rooted and were potted on into 11cm pots and grown on.
papaya3planted212085 At the beginning of December 2008, papaya 3 was planted into a Large Tropical Planter. we made sure to set up a support frame around our papaya to help our plant as it grows.
papaya3090109sized January 2009
Papaya 3 has settled in really well.  The Support frame is already proving useful and will help support the plant for when the fruit start to get heavy later in the year.

Papaya 2 has some stunning fruit which will begin to ripen soon.
papaya2frtripeng1szd February 2009
The fruit on papaya 2 are beginning to ripen! The first fruit is just beginning to turn yellow.
pap31603091 March 2009
Papaya 3 is beginning to put on some good growth. The fruit on papaya 2 are ripening more rapidly.
pap32704091 April 2009
Great news! Papaya 3 is growing well and producing flowers and fruit.
papaya2frt200409szd May 2009
We have now harvested over 5kgs of fruit from papaya 2 and there are plenty more to come. They are ripening thick and fast. As our pineapple is ready to harvest too, we are going to combine the two in a delicious Caribbean extravaganza!
papaya2010609szd June 2009
In less than a month the papaya fruit have ripened and been harvested. There are just two left. These will be harvested next week.

The new season fruit on both papaya plants are developing really well. We shall have a good crop from two plants this time! That's twice as many fruit salads and smoothies!
pap3130709szd July 2009
Papaya 3 is eagerly catching up with papaya 2 as both plants are producing a superb crop and a height of 99cm
pap2130709szd Papaya 2 is holding it's own and producing a second batch of fruit and at a height of Height: 128cm
papaya2120809szd August 2009
Papaya 2 is now 135cm and looking fantastic. The fruit are growing beautifully.

Papaya 3 is quickly catching up at 103cm. The fruit are almost as big.
papayas180909szd2 September 2009
Both papayas are growing extremely well.

We harvested an unripe fruit from each one last week to make some delicious Thai Green Papaya Salad. We took it to the Mawdesley Funday to share.

October 2009
The fruit on both Papaya 2 and Papaya 3 are swelling and increasing in size.

Since we harvested two last month for the Funday even more fruit are forming and the heaviest fruit looks to be well over a kilo in weight.

papaya2_151209s December 2009
The fruit on papaya 2 have begun to ripen. The first fruit off the plant weighed in at an impressive 1.37kgs.

And what's more, the fruit on papaya 3 are well on their way too! Christmas will be rather fruity this year!