Sweet Pepper Diary

We think that sweet peppers are delicious and as they can be quite expensive, growing your own is a must.

We usually grow 5 plants in a GS200 for variety.

sweetpeppers0309sized 13th March 2009

The sweet peppers were planted in a GS200 this week. We have chosen five different varieties: Conquistador, Summer Salad, Corno Rosso, Tasty Grill Yellow and Tasty Grill Red.
sweetpeppers160409sized 16th April 2009

The Sweet Peppers have settled in and are growing well.
swtpeptgr110509sized 11th May 2009

The sweet peppers are now beginning to produce their delicious fruit.

10th June 2009

All of the different sweet pepper plants are growing really strongly. The tallest plant is now 141cm tall and there is a plethora of fruit.


sweetpepps010709szd 15th July 2009

There are plenty of juicy, sweet peppers to enjoy now as they ripen freely.

14th August 2009

We have enjoyed plenty of super tasty, sweet peppers in the last few weeks.
Lea can't resist one whenever she comes into the greenhouse!


cornorosso170909szd 17th September 2009

Plenty of tasty Corno Rosso peppers are ripening. This has become one of our favourite varieties.

22nd October 2009

With the dull weather, the fruit on the sweet pepper plants are plentiful but slow to ripen.
We shall be taking the system down next month to make some space for other plants so hopefully they shall have ripened by then.


spendnov09szd 11th November 2009

Today the was the day for the sweet pepper system to be dismantled. Looking at the roots, it is easy to see how healthily the plants grow in a GS200. There were five plants in all and they have each produced an array of fruit.
finalharvest Harvest

The harvest this week amounted to 2246g  and the bulk of which was from the Conquistador which has been late to ripen but we have enjoyed tasty, sweet fruit from the Summer Salad, the Tasty Grill Red and Yellow and the Corno Rosso all season.