Our Team

John Greenhouse Sensation

John is our chairman and founder. He keeps a close eye on product development and uses his farming background and PhD in botany to dream up new products. The most difficult customer questions are answered by John and he makes and shares crystallised ginger from his annual ginger harvest. He likes growing unusual plants and winning the annual competition to grow a bigger ginger and chilli harvest than Paul, our Head Gardening Angel.

Paul Greenhouse Sensation

Paul is our Head Gardening Angel. He’s a plant geneticist and he looks after our product trials, gives talks to gardening societies and clubs, answers the more tricky gardening questions and manages the greenhouse. He thinks Genesis are the greatest band ever and he can talk for hours about propagation and heirloom tomatoes (and Genesis).

Emma Greenhouse Sensation

Emma is our Commercial Director. She fled the world of education technology in 2006 to join the much more fun world of Greenhouse Sensation. She loves music and picnics and would much rather talk to customers than update a spreadsheet, so you’ll often speak to her if you call customer services.

Charlotte Greenhouse Sensation

Charlotte looks after customer care, stock and keeping the rest of us organised so that products are delivered to customers on time. She has a slight flamingo obsession and loves cats. She has already converted our Gardening Angels into super cat lovers.

Shaun Greenhouse Sensation

Shaun creates the fabulous graphics on our website as well as designing our adverts, instructions and exhibition stands. He loves to travel and discovering new things for the first time, but you'll never see him munching on frogs legs or snails!

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