Plant bulbs in October for a burst of spring colour

Plant spring bulbs in octoberSpring bulbs

Plant bulbs in October to get a welcome burst of colour next spring. The most common bulbs to plant are daffodils, tulips, crocus and fritillaries, and if planted correctly these will create a constantly evolving display of colour throughout spring.

Bulbs are planted according to their size, generally speaking they are planted twice their width apart and twice their height deep.

Layering bulbs in pots

The depth bulbs are planted depends on the size of the bulb - it is relatively easy to layer them on top of each other. This will create a display of multiple layers that will flower at the same time, which works especially well in a large pot. We always use a Bulb Planter to ensure that there is the perfect depth between each layer of bulbs. This ensures an even and colourful display.

When layering bulbs you will need a deep pot with good drainage. The amount of layers planted will depend on the size of pot, a 30cm tall pot will be suitable for 3 layers.

- The first layer of bulbs should be the largest, in most cases this will be the daffodils, which are planted 12-15cm below the expected soil level.
- After covering the daffodils with a couple of centimetres of soil the next smallest bulb can be planted. We would recommend tulips for the second layer. It does not matter if the bulbs are planted directly above each other, only that each layer is well spaced out.
- The last layer should be the smallest bulb, the most common of which would be the crocus. There is no minimum gap between the different layers of bulbs, but we recommend that 1cm of soil is spread over each layer. The last layer of bulbs should be placed at a depth of twice its height below the surface of the soil.

As a general rule there should be twice as many tulips as there are daffodils and twice as many crocus as there are tulips. This type of display works well with any size of pot - but the bigger the pot, the better the display.

For this type of display we recommend narcissi ‘bridal crown’ Tulipa Kaufmanniana ‘Stresa’ and Crocus ‘Flower record’. The tulips and crocus should flower at the same height, creating a carpet of strong colour. The daffodil grows slightly taller and will give a lighter coloured top to the display.

Give one of our Gardening Angels a call 0845 602 3774 or send us an email if you have any questions about the bulbs you are planting.