Tomato and Chilli Plant Food

When they looked after and cared for properly, tomatoes and chillies can produce fruit in abundance. But when the rain can fall for a full week and then not at all for a fortnight, and the British weather is overall very unpredictable, it can be hard to create the ideal environment for your plants to grow.

Tomato and chilli plant food takes some of the stress out of your hands as they have been specially formulated to feed the soil microbes that are good for the plants. You’ll certainly notice the difference in the size and health of your harvest, as well as the tastes!

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  • Nutrigrow Nutrients suitable for soft and hard water - Plant Feed

    Nutrigrow & Refills


  • Organic Tri-Pack Nutrients

    Organic Tri-Pack Nutrients


  • RootMagic for 25 plants

    RootMagic for 25 plants


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