Plant Guardian Bumper Harvest Producing Planters

Produce 2-4x bigger harvests and keep your plants perfectly watered for up to 2 weeks at a time with our Plant Guardian Planters. These handy holiday-proof planters will ensure your plant is kept at the perfect moisture levels at all times!

These clever vegetable self watering planters contain FeederMats which pull water from the planter’s SmartReservoir (which sits below the pots) into the soil when the plants need it for up to 2 weeks at a time. The FeederMats only release water to the plants when they need it, so they're never thirsty or waterlogged. This way, roots have better access to oxygen, water and nutrients fuelling faster growth and bigger harvests.

Quadgrow Vegetable Planter - Self Watering PlanterGrowing in pots and planters is convenient. You can move pots and planters from your greenhouse or polytunnel outdoors and to sunnier spots when needed.

For bigger harvests of vegetables, herbs and salads our best-selling Quadgrow self watering planter is ideal. The Quadgrow planter is the perfect replacement for traditional tomato pots and grow bags as it produces 2x bigger harvests and holiday-proofs your plants. It is ideal for growing tomatoes and tall cropping plants.

The Quadgrow self watering planter has 4 pots which sit above a reservoir, the compost in the pots is watered by the FeederMats. The most popular plants for our Quadgrow planter are tomatoes and chillies because tomatoes and chillies particularly dislike irregular watering. Overwatering can cause tomatoes to develop blossom end rot or cause the tomato fruit to split.

Our Chilligrow Chilli Planter, with 8 litre SmartReservoir and 8 litre pots, are designed by Chilli Experts to help you grow bumper harvests no matter how little space you have.

The Chilligrow keeps your plants perfectly fed and watered at all times without ever overwatering. Fill the 7 litre SmartReservoir and let the FeederMats in the pots pull water up to the roots when they need it.

Herbgrow Planter - Grow your own herbs at homeOur Salad & Herb Planters enable anyone to grow your own salad & herbs all year whether you want to grow herbs in a small pot on a windowsill or in larger pots on a patio. Even if you have an allotment, it's worth growing salad & herbs in a pot or planter at home as you are more likely to use them.  Our Saladgrow for salads and Herbgrow for herbs are ideal planters for growing in pots in small spaces and for growing salads and herbs all year round.

If you are growing potatoes and root veg, the Quadgrow Root Veg Planter is ideal. With 4 pots for 4 varieties of root veg. The Quadgrow Root Veg Planter produces healthier plants by giving your growing potatoes constant access to water. This space saving self watering potato planter makes it perfect for patios, with a clever design which prevents water-logging so you raise bumper harvests of potatoes every time.

Whatever you are looking to grow, our Plant Guardian Self Watering Planters will provide your plants with the ideal home. If you have any questions about the Plant Guardian or general gardening queries, please get in touch with our Gardening Angels on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email on We’re always happy to hear from you!